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June 2018


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DAF Rear Light (Blue Plug) Part Number: KLTF0284 OE Ref: 140713

DAF Column Switch Part Number: 5.80005 OE Ref: 1669662 / 1801933

DAF Bosch Starter Motor Part Number: 0986022260 OE Ref: 1667425, 1688625

DAF Bosch Starter Motor, 80Ah, 24v Part Number: 0986047410 OE Ref: 1387388, 1400520

DAF Gear Knob Part Number: FEBI32388 OE Ref: 1285259, 1833025

DAF Spring Bolster Part Number: T0018 OE Ref: 1699564, 1779767

DAF Main Mirror Part Number: UT775028 OE Ref: 1610184

DAF Aux Mirror Part Number: UT790028 OE Ref: 1610187

Iveco Eurocargo / Eurotrakker Steering Lock Part Number: AM1134 OE Ref: 4837683

Iveco King Pin Kit Part Number: IVKP0001 OE Ref: 42471013

Iveco Rear Leaf Spring Buffer Part Number: T01029 OE Ref: 98405404

Iveco Belt Tensioner Part Number: T38584 OE Ref: 4898548

Iveco Main Mirror Heat- ed, Electric Part Number: UT71006 OE Ref: 504150553

Iveco Pedal Rubber Clutch / Brake Part Number: IVSB0046 OE Ref: 41211435

Iveco Bosch Alternator 90Ah, 24V Part Number: 0986045170 OE Ref: 500331736

Iveco Bosch Starter Motor Part Number: 0986011330 OE Ref: 4176026, 4755111

Iveco Drag Link Part Number: JTR4239 OE Ref: 4793166, 4834041

Iveco Rear Light - Cable Entry Part Number: 360/07/00 OE Ref: 99463243

MAN TGS / TGX Fog light RH Part Number: KLTF1513 OE Ref: 81251016522 MAN TGS / TGX Fog light RH Part Number: KLTF1514 OE Ref: 81251016521

MAN Rear Light (End Plug) RH Part Number: KLTF0906 OE Ref: 81252256545 MAN Rear Light (End Plug) LH Part Number: L202 OE Ref: 812512256547

MAN TGM Wheel Bearing (FAG) Part Number: 805092.07 OE Ref: 81934200336

MAN TGA Gear Knob Part Number: FEBI32293 OE Ref: 81970106012

MAN Main Mirror (Heated, Electric) LH

MAN Aux Mirror (Heated, Electric) LH

Part Number: UT7042 OE Ref: 81637306484

Part Number: UT7047 OE Ref: 81637306512

MAN Bosch Starter Motor Part Number: 0986011570 OE Ref: 51252017181

MAN Bosch Alternator 110Ah, 24V Part Number: 0986041030 OE Ref: 51261017246

MAN Track Rod Part Number: TTR2047 OE Ref: 81467116773

Mercedes Axor Indicator Lamp RH Part Number: MRBODY147 OE Ref: 9408200421

Mercedes Indicator Switch c/w Wiper & Horn Switch Part Number: FEBI15259 OE Ref: 6735400245

Mercedes Atego Mk 2 Expansion Tank Part Number: TP7710 OE Ref: 9705000249

Mercedes Bosch Starter Motor Part Number: 0986017240 OE Ref: A00415160201

Mercedes Intercooler Hose Part Number: TH0350 OE Ref: 0.000501018

Mercedes Bosch Alternator 110Ah, 24V Part Number: 0986041030 OE Ref: 20402404

Mercedes Drag Link Part Number: TTR2003 OE Ref: A0024604905

Mercedes Spring Bolster Part Number: T0066 OE Ref: A003250596

Mercedes Wing Top Part Number: AM9472 OE Ref: A9305200007

Mercedes TRW Rear Pads Part Number: GDB5110 OE Ref: A0064201520

Mercedes Sachs Clutch Kit 395mm Single Part Number: 3400 700 397 OE Ref: A0212502701

Renault Rear Lens Part Number: KLTF0909 OE Ref: 7420802418

Renault Cab Suspension Valve Part Number: 4640070230 OE Ref: 5010136105

Renault Belt Tensioner Part Number: T38580 OE Ref: 5010550335

Renault Gearbox Splitter Valve Part Number: FRBI17823 OE Ref: 5001855098

Renault Propshaft Centre Bearing Part Number: CB1055 OE Ref: 5000242914

Renault Mitsubishi Alternator 60Ah 24V Part Number: A003TA8291 OE Ref: 5001847422

Renault Mitsubishi Starter Motor Part Number: M9T60371 OE Ref: 5001853707

Renault Drag Link Part Number: TTR2109 OE Ref: 5010294287

Renault King Pin Kit Part Number: RNKP0001 OE Ref: 5010630992

Renault Door Handle L/H Part Number: AM9590 OE Ref: 5001858129

Scania Rear Light LH Part Number: KLTF1377 OE Ref: 1756754

Scania Wiper Motor Part Number: 0986337209 OE Ref: 1392755

Scania Column Switch (Wiper) Part Number: 1.21554 OE Ref: 1402450

Scania Pedal Rubber Part Number: SCSB0005 OE Ref: 389035

Scania Flywheel Part Number: 3421 601 057 OE Ref: 1403271

Scania Mounting Part Number: SC725 OE Ref: 1336882

Scania Mirror Assy LH Part Number: UT7071U OE Ref: 1732518

Scania Mirror Assy RH Part Number: UT71202U OE Ref: 1732519

Scania Gear Knob Part Number: FEBI31626 OE Ref: 1438702, 1727377

Scania Cab Air Bag Part Number: CMA06 OE Ref: 1381919, 1476415

Scania Middle Grille Part Number: AM9078 OE Ref: 1538383

Scania Water Pump Part Number: SCWA0002 OE Ref: 1380897

Scania Bosch Alternator 100Ah, 24v Part Number: 0986047820 OE Ref: 1475570

Scania Bosch Starter Motor Part Number: 0986021480 OE Ref: 1447911

Scania Track Rod Part Number: JTR4402 OE Ref: 1378435

Volvo Rear Light RH Part Number: 462DIN/07/00 OE Ref: 20425720

Volvo Column Switch Part Number: 2.27058 OE Ref: 70351704

Volvo Levelling Valve Part Number: 4640070030 OE Ref: 20531967

Volvo Wheel Bearing Set Part Number: SET1312 OE Ref: 20382168

Volvo Expansion Tank Part Number: TP1400 OE Ref: 20783903

Volvo Water Pump Part Number: VLWA0004 OE Ref: 1547155

Volvo Bosch Alternator 55Ah, 24V Part Number: 0986034370 OE Ref: 1089861

Volvo Bosch Starter Motor Part Number: 0986017050 OE Ref: 1547049

Volvo Spring Bolster Part Number: T0023 OE Ref: 1089501

Volvo V Stay Bar Part Number: T0119 OE Ref: 20428251


Auto Slack Adjuster Part Number: EBS1000

Wabco Short Angled ABS Sensor Part Number: 4410329212

Meritor Brake Disc Part Number: 3196RL

Wabco Tight Coil Red Part Number: 4527130010

Wabco Tight Coil Yellow Part Number: 4527130020

Anchorlock Chamber Part Number: B0157U

Wabco ABS / EBS Coil Part Number: 4460087000

Twin Coil 4M Part Number: EC0511

Fittings Case


- 4x 4637031150 test connection M 22x1.5 - 4x 4637031200 test connection M 16x1.5 - 4x 8930220002 screw plug with O-ring M 12x1.5 - 4x 8930220144 screw plug with O-ring M 16x1.5 - 4x 8930220154 screw plug with O-ring M 22x1.5 - 8x 8931040644 threaded sleeve M 16x1.5

- 3x 8931042962 bulkhead coupling - 3x 8931042972 bulkhead coupling - 4x 8931291912 male stud coupling - 6x 8931291922 male stud coupling - 4x 8931291932 male stud coupling

- 4x 8934010152 90° elbow with quick connection - 4x 8934017974 45° elbow with quick connection - 2x 8934018184 F-piece with quick connection - 4x 8935011944 L-piece with quick connection - 4x 8935011964 T-piece with quick connection - 6x 8938000012 straight screw-in connector - 6x 8938000022 straight screw-in connector - 4x 8938000042 straight screw-in connector - 8x 8938000072 straight screw-in connector - 6x 8938000082 straight screw-in connector

Plastic Push-In Fittings

This range of plastic push-in fittings provide a secure joint without the use of any tools making them quick and easy to fit. They can be used on nylon, plastic, calibrated copper or Bundy Tubes to carry air, water and many other liquids, except acids but not suitable for fuel. We recommend the use of tube supports with nylon or plastic tubing. We do not advise the use of plastic push-in fittings on vehicle brake lines. Maximum working pressure 10 bar. Minimum burst pressure 25 bar. Temp: -0 to +60 C

Straight Connector

Elbow Connector

Equal Tee Connector

Tube OD Part Number

Tube OD Part Number

Tube OD Part Number

6mm 8mm

PIF003 PIF004 PIF006

6mm 8mm

PIF013 PIF014 PIF016

6mm 8mm

PIF023 PIF024 PIF026





Red Gloves - M, L & XL Part Number: NG402

Brake Cleaner 5L Part Number: MIS12200

Matt Black Spray Part Number: AT000MB500

Spray Grease Part Number: SG500M

Blue Roll Part Number: 158P

WaxOyl 5l Clear Part Number: 5092941

Dexti-Grip Gloves – XL Part Number: A320BKRXL

Manista 3 Ltr Hand Cleaner Part Number: MAN3L

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