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All students deserve to have the boundaries of their thinking challenged, and in turn to challenge those boundaries, in order to engage new ways of thinking.

Vision Statement: All students will have access to advanced learning experiences that challenge and engender the resilience required to cultivate their social, emotional, and academic potential in order to become well-adjusted, contributing members of society. We will advance our vision through persistent development, assessment, and revision of the following objectives: ● Increase Equity with Identification and Outreach ● Define and Enhance

Critical Actions for Educators ● Become familiar with the core ● Collaborate in teams to identify and to unpack priority standards

Curriculum and Instruction for Advanced Learners Promote Effective Communication Between All Stakeholders.

● Instruct the whole

Provide Professional Learning Opportunities to Increase Capacity ●

learner, both socially and emotionally as well as academically

Mission Statement: Advanced learners will engage complex and rigorous content through deep learning experiences that promote effective communication, collaboration and teamwork, analytical and critical thinking, problem solving and innovation, and metacognitive strategies. We will achieve our mission by building and sustaining instructional capacity that emphasizes:

● Shift the cognitive load to students to support them in being self-directed learners

● Be intentional in

engaging students in deep learning experiences

Depth and Complexity Framework 1. Depth 2. Complexity 3. Content Imperatives

Performance Standards

● Provide frequent opportunities for

students to self-assess where they are in relation to the success criteria

● Effective Communication ● Collaboration & Teamwork ● Analytical & Critical Thinking ● Problem Solving & Innovation ● Metacognitive Strategies

Deep Learning Experiences



1 For an introduction on Depth and Complexity, see Depth and Complexity – An Introduction for Teachers.

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