MS Spanish Map

Middle School Spanish 1B Scope and Sequence Grades 7-8 Proficiency Level: Novice Mid

Unit # and Theme

Essential Question

Suggested Duration

Text Tools

DWSBA Pre-Assessment

Realidades 1 Para empezar Realidades 1 Chapter 5A & 5B

Unit 1: Para empezar

10 instructional days

Unit 2: Fiesta en familia Special events, holidays, family

How does my family celebrate? What are my responsibilities?

20-30 Instructional days 20-30 Instructional days

Optional DWSBA Writing and Speaking

Unit 3: La casa My house, electronics, chores

Realidades 1 Chapter 6A & 6B

DWSBA #1 Writing and Speaking

Realidades 2 Chapter 1A, 1B & 2A

Unit 4: Daily Routine Hygiene, activities, clothing, places, school schedules

20-30 Instructional days

What is my typical day like?

DWSBA #2 Writing and Speaking

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