MS Spanish Map

are ways for teachers to link vocabulary and skills across content areas to allow students to more easily connect new learning to prior knowledge as well as have opportunities to engage in problem solving for real world scenarios. 8. Materials and Technology needed to enhance learning. Selection of materials and technology should be a thoughtful consideration that leads to quality instruction. Materials and technology should be used to enhance not distract from the lesson. 9. Assessment for Student Learning Assessment for student learning includes planning for how the teacher will check for student understanding in order to guide their instructional decision making during the lesson (instructional agility). In the teaching section, teachers purposefully plan to ensure students success. The Instructional Priorities, evidence-based strategies to improve student outcomes, should be used as a support in planning a lesson. Teachers map the lesson by defining the following sections: 10. Pacing from the lesson and engaged in something else. With brisk, energetic, clear instruction, and frequent opportunities for students to respond, students can be engaged throughout the learning process (Gunter, Reffel, Barnett, Lee, & Patrick, 2004; Tincani, Ernsbarger, Harrison, & Heward, 2005). 11. Lesson Sequence & Explicit Instruction Lesson sequence is planning what teachers will do and when they will do it. It must also incorporate the elements of Explicit Instructions (I do/We do/Y’all do/You do). 12. Student Skill or Knowledge for each part of Lesson Sequence Lesson Sequence also includes what students will do and when they will do it. Teachers will plan the student skill and knowledge for each part of the lesson, student engagement and opportunities to respond to check for understanding. Opportunities to Respond includes planning for:(1)maximized student engagement through reading, writing, saying, and doing; and (2) regular assessment of student learning (section 9) and needs for support or opportunities for deeper application. This section also includes use of feedback rubrics or objective trackers to help Purposeful Pacing maintains student attention and engagement. Presenting material too fast or too slow results in students becoming disengaged Part 2: Teaching (Section #11-16)

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