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DOK Level 4: Extended Thinking Stating reasons and providing relevant supporting evidence are key markers of DOK 4 tasks. The expectation established for tasks at this level require an in-depth integration of conceptual knowledge and multiple skills to reach a solution or produce a final product. DOK 4 tasks focus on in-depth understanding of two or more texts, two or more data sets, two or more investigations, or two key sources. Teacher Role Student Role Questions extend thinking and broaden perspectives; facilitates teaming, collaboration, self-evaluation Designs, takes risks, researches stylizing multiple resources, collaborates, plan organizes and modifies, creates concrete tangible products.

Possible Products

Possible Activities

• Short film • Presentation • Research report • Essay, information, narrative, opinion using multiple sources • data collection and action project

• Applying information from more than one discipline to solve ill-defined problems in novel or real-world situations • Tasks that require making multiple strategic and procedural decisions as new information is processed • Tasks that require multiple roles and collaboration with others • Tasks that improve drawing evidence from multiple sources to support solutions/conclusions How can you prove that your solution is reasonable? What evidence can you find to support ___? What ideas justify _____? What conclusion can you draw? What information can you draw on to support your reason for ____? How would you ____ to create a different ____? What is the best answer and why? Can you elaborate on your reason and give examples?

Potential Questions Justify how ____ is related to ____ What are the possible flaws in _____? What is the theme/lesson learned _____? How would the moral change if ____? What underlying bias is there in _______? What inferences will these facts support______? How does the author create tension/suspense ______? What is the author’s reasoning for _____?

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