SRP Fund Placement_Dec2017

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Contrary to statements made by often ill-informed public, there is in fact an army of dedicated, focused and pas- sionate people who are de- termined to put a stop to this’s launch in June/July 2010, to where South Africa is today, noteworthy progress has been made. Mobilizing a country is no easy task, let alone getting everyone to pull senseless slaughter. Reflecting back since

in the same direction, and the synergy that has been forming amongst various stakeholders and role-players in encouraging to see. Thank you to all rhino investi- gators—SAPS and ECI, NPA prosecutors, private security companies, responsible rhino owners, reserve managers, staff, APU rangers, NGO's, rhino champions and all those who strive day and night to keep rhinos safe.

“This war will eventually be

won by a few passionate

and committed individuals

whose fires will continue to

burn at the coal face thus

providing the necessary

inspiration and guiding light

for all others to follow” - Ken Maggs.

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