UAM4 Miniature 42 Watt Universal Audio Amplifier Module


Ramsey Electronics Model No. UAM4

 2 x 21W Output Power in Stereo Mode (8Ω, THD = 10%)  1 x 42W Output Power in Mono Mode (4Ω, THD = 10%) Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For  High Efficiency: Up to 87%  Filterless Class D Amplifier  Unique Patented Spread-Spectrum Mode  Programmable Gain (+22dB, +25dB, +29.5dB, +36dB)  Balanced or Unbalanced High Impedance Inputs  Shutdown and Mute Control  Integrated Click-and-Pop Suppression  Low 0.1% THD+N  Current Limit and Thermal Protection  Programmable Thermal Flag Need more audio “punch” for a project? Build your own powered speaker or juice up that audio kit with this high quality audio amp. 40 Watts of awesome output for any application! Publication

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