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Thank You

Hard work, countless hours, donated time and goods; these are the things that make Equifest come together successfully. It truly takes a team! I wish to thank all who have contributed to make this 23 rd Annual Equifest of Kansas an amazing “new” event! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

EQUIFEST COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Arena Coordinators: Stephan Spector and Josh & Drew Boeker Arena Supervisors: Gary & Becky Centlivre and Richard & Tracy McIntyre Arts at Equifest: Pattie Stalder and Kallie Emig

Battle of the Breeds at Equifest Coordinator: Ashley Purdin Breed Showcase & Special Demos Coordinator: Cheryl Thomas Cowboy Poetry & Music Coordinator: Geff & Dawn Dawson Equifest Event Managers: Dr. Justin Janssen & Jim Thomas Farrier Competition at Equifest Coordinator: Max Andersen Horse Judging Competition Coordinators: Pam Van Horn, Christa Obermeyer, and Lance Sharp Hospitality Coordinators: Bonnie Warner and Rosie Sweeten Kenwood Hall Showcase: Heather Franklin KHC Booth Coordinators: Chris Kaegi-Stephens and Alisha Owens- KHC Regional Directors Kids Corral Coordinators: Dr. Justin Janssen, Colby Equestrian Team & K-State Rodeo Club Load In/Load Out Vendors Coordinator: Marty Bloomquist Marketing Coordinator: Tim Kolling

Mounted Shooting Competition at Equifest Coordinator: Matthew Jobe Photo Historian & Journalist: Kevin Kirkwood/Kirkwood Kreations Program Design & Layout: Dr. Katherine Burke and the Kansas State Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Queen Coordinator: Kristi Koch Ranch Rodeo @atEquifest Coordinators: Greg McDonald-Manager, and Roseann Higgs-Secretary Salina Logistics: Saline County Fair Board, Ken Wasserman, and Keith Teasley Security Coordinator: Jim Thomas and the Saline County Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol & Reserve Officer Programs Stall Barn Managers: Colleen & Bob Wilson Vendor Coordinator: Gabrielle Hamler Veterinary Services: Kansas State University Equine Veterinarian Team led by Dr. Chris Blevins and Dr. Jason Grady Volunteer Coordinators: Tera & Ken Benefiel Workshops Coordinators: Jenice & Patrick McCoy VOLUNTEERS: To all who volunteered for set up, event activities, and tear down, there are too many to list, but you know who you are and a sincere THANK YOU for your time from the whole Equifest Committee! SPONSORS & DONORS : TravAlum by Liberty Inc. for sponsoring the Ranch Rodeo, Prairie Land Partners John Deere for sponsoring and grooming both arenas at Equifest, Visit Salina & Saline County for their commitment and contributions for hosting Equifest in Salina, K-State Veterinary Health Center for sponsoring the Breed & Special Demos Showcases, Kansas Farm Bureau for sponsoring the Kiddie Corral, Better Horses for sponsoring Ranch Rodeo Buckles & providing entertainment, Morton Buildings of Salina, Merck Animal Health, Tractor Supply, Inc. and Moundridge Tractor, Inc., Greg & Vickie McDonald and the Kansas 4-H Foundation for sponsoring Adrian Buckaroogirl, K-4 Trailer Sales of Salina, Great Life Golf of Salina, and Horizon’s Farm & Ranch Realty for general support of Equifest of Kansas 2020! It is sincerely an honor to meet and work with so many fabulous people who make Equifest of Kansas a success year after year!

Respectfully, Justine Staten Executive Director Kansas Horse Council Equifest of Kansas

8831 Quail Lane, Suite 201, Manhattan, KS 66502/ Office: 785-776-0662/ FAX: 785-539-2928 Email: director@kansashorsecouncil.com / www.equifestofks.com



Monte Shadwick, First District

SALINE COUNTY COMMISSION Room 217-300 W Ash PO Box 5040 Salina, Kansas 67402-5040 Phone: (785} 309-5825 FAX: (785) 309-5811 Website: www . salin e . org

Robert H. Vidricksen II, Chairman Second District

Rodger Spari

James L Weese Fourth District

Michael J. White Fifth District

January 2020

Welcome Equifest 2020!

As Chairman of the Saline County Commission, it is my honor to welcome you to Saline County and Equifest 2020. The citizens of Salina, Saline County and all of North Central Kansas are very honored to have been selected as the site to host your event. The Kansas Horse Council has filled the schedule with breed showcases and many different skills demonstrations. The Saline County Expo Center, operated by Saline County and Tony's Pizza Events Center operated jointly by the City of Salina and Spectra, will offer wall to wall vendors and information regarding cowboy churches, saddle clubs and trail riding opportunities. World class clinicians will be on hand offering a variety equine tips. This three-day showcase brings together the best that the equine world has to offer. Enjoy your time while visiting Salina and Saline County. Think about visiting sites such as: Smoky Hill Museum located in downtown Salina, Rolling Hills Zoo, located seven miles west of Salina or perhaps Coronado Heights just 18 miles south at Lindsborg, KS. Salina boasts many eateries and establishments offering beer, wine and other spirits. Many upgrades and remodels are in the planning stages for The Saline County Expo Center in the near future. Please consider Saline County and the City of Salina for future livestock and agriculture equipment conventions. Thank you for choosing Saline County as the destination of choice for the 23 rd annual Equifest of Kansas presented by Kansas Horse Council.

tlt-11� Robert H. Vidricksen, Chairman Board of County Commissioners Saline County, Kansas



4-H & Open Horse Judging

Hosted by Kansas 4-H Youth Development Friday, March 6 th at 7:30 a.m. ArenaWork in Ag Hall Oral Reasons in TPEC tunnel rooms

Back in 2020! The State 4-H and Open Horse Judging Competition at Equifest of Kansas starts bright and early in the morning! Talented youth will view six classes on display in Ag Hall Arena and will place them in the order they see fit. Class categories could include Halter, Horsemanship, Pleasure, English, Ranch, Trail or Reining. Following placings in Ag Hall, competitors will move to tunnel rooms at Tony’s Pizza Events Center where they will practice and prepare to give up to two sets of oral reasons to the evaluators. The Kansas State University Horse Judging Team is officiating this competition. At 2:00 p.m. in the Workshop Room upstairs from the TPEC Lobby, Adrian “Buckaroogirl” Brannan will be sharing stories of her free spirit cowgirl lifestyle. From the Scottish Highlands, to recording her first album at the age of 14, when she suddenly realized her life’s purpose. “I realized that I had things to say, a [cowboy] culture I longed to protect, and a spirit that had to wander. It was stumbling into perfection, into meaning and into something I’ve never regretted for a minute. It was like coming home.” Title of her presentation: “The West Wasn’t Won On A Salad.” At the end of this special presentation, competitors will remain seated to be presented results and awards from the judging contest.




Moundridge Tractor Inc.



Friday, March 6 th

Box Office/ Doors Open at 9:00 a.m. Vendor Hours Friday 9:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Ag Hall Arena 7:30 Horse Judging Competition 10:00 Opening Ceremonies: American Freedom Riders Drill Team 10:15 Special Demos & Breeds: U.S. Cavalry, MO Fox Trotters, BLM Mustangs 11:00 Sarah Track: “Equitation/Form to Function” 12:00 Laura Stimatze: “The Possibilities of a Working Cowdog” 1:00 Rake Arena 1:15 Jay Henson: “What is Ranch Versatility” 2:15 Ashley Purdin & Rhonda Martin: “Maximizing Your Horse’s Potential” 3:15 Special Demos & Breeds: US. Cavalry, Rocky Mountains, Paso Finos 4:00 Casey Hufstader: “Mule Pack String” 5:00 Laura Stimatze: “Cowdog Selection and Puppy Training” 6:15 Ranch Rodeo TeamMeeting Kenwood Hall Showcase 12:00 Purina Equine Nutrition 1:00 Dr. Dylan Lutter: Live Horse Demo: “sports medicine and laser therapy benefits for your horse” 2:00 Tucker Stewart: “Kansas Fence Laws & Ag Sales Taxes” 3:00 Dendria McLaughlin & Julie Frank: Live Horse Demo: “Equestrian Yoga for Horse & Human” TPEC Arena 9:30 Opening Ceremonies: Draft TeamHitch 9:45 Mounted Shooters: Novice Competition 10:30 Chris Cox: “Groundwork In Preparation for Riding” 12:00 Battle of Breeds: Pattern Class Competition 12:30 Mette Rosencrantz: “Thinking Outside of the Box” 1:30 Mounted Shooters: Amateur Competition 2:15 Rake Arena 2:30 Chris Cox: “Is it Me or My Horse?” 4:00 Rake Arena & Set Jumps 4:15 John Staples: “Gymnastics: Bringing Your Flatwork into Your Jumping” 5:15 Parade of Breeds 5:45 Bring in Cattle/Announcer Break 6:15 Draft TeamHitch Demo 6:30 Opening Ceremonies & Introductions 7:00 Liberty, Inc. TravAlum Ranch Rodeo Competition Workshop Rooms 9:30 Rhonda Martin: “Improve Your Horse’s Self Carriage and Comfort - Core Activation and Topline Strength Building for the Horse” 9:45 Dr. Andy Hawkins: “Equine Disposal Guidance” 10:30 Mette Rosencrantz: “The Importance of Cross Training for All Horses & Disciplines” 10:45 Michael Hook: “Old Town Abilene, 160 years in the Making” 11:30 Matt Jobe: “How to Get Involved in Mounted Shooting” 11:45 Sue Stringer: “Resources for Getting Started in Agritourism” 12:30 Jim Gray: “Head ‘Em Up! Move ‘Em Out! The Old West Texas Cattle Trails” 12:45 Casey Hufstader: “Mule Packing” 1:30 John Staples: “Bringing Your Flatwork Into Your Jumping” 2:00 4-H Special Presenter: Adrian Buckaroogirl, “The West Wasn’t Won On A Salad” 2:30 Sue Stringer: “Resources for Getting Started in Agritourism” 2:45 4-H and Open Horse Judging Awards 3:30 Jay Henson: “What is the National Versatility Ranch Horse Association?” 4:00 Sarah Track: “Equitation, Form To Function” 4:30 Andrea Caponetto: “Buying Tack Online”

DON’TMISS • Make time to see it all! • Stall barn displays • Breed show and demo horses • Competition Horses • Decorated Booths • More Equestrian Information • Fort Riley Historic Encampment • Antique Implements and Wagons Next to the Farrier Competition - Barn 2

Meet Miss Rodeo Kansas 2020 Tiffany McCaffrey and more visiting rodeo royalty!




Saturday, March 7 th

Sunday, March 8 th

TPEC Arena 9:30 Opening Ceremonies: Draft TeamHitch 9:45 Mounted Shooters: Pro Competition 10:30 Chris Cox: “Connecting the Reins, Feet & Seat” 12:00 Rake Arena & Set Obstacles

Ag Hall Arena 10:30 Opening Ceremonies: American Freedom Riders Drill Team 10:45 Jay Henson: “Versatility Ranch Riding & Ranch Trail” 11:45 Special Demos & Breeds: U.S. Cavalry, Rocky Mountains, Paso Finos 12:30 Sarah Track: “Horse Show Ringmanship for the Saddle Seat Rider” 1:30 American Freedom Riders Drill Team Freestyle Display 30 min. 2:00 Special Demos & Breeds: U.S. Cavalry, MO Fox Trotters, BLM Mustangs 2:15 Laura Stimatze: “Cowdog Trialing: Getting Started” 3:15 End in Ag Hall Arena TPEC Arena 9:30 Opening Ceremonies: Draft TeamHitch 9:45 Mette Rosencrantz: “Lateral Movements” 10:45 John Staples: “Stadium Jumping: How to Ride Forward Into Balance” 11:45 Remove Jumps 12:00 Draft TeamHitch Demo 1:00 Rake Arena 1:15 Chris Cox: “Controlling Head Tossing & Stiffness” 2:45 Rake Arena 3:00 Battle of Breeds: Freestyle Finals Competition 4:15 Happy Trails! End of Equifest 2020! Kenwood Hall Showcase 11:00 Purina Equine Nutrition 12:00 Dendria McLaughlin & Julie Frank: Live Horse Demo: “Equestrian Yoga for Horse & Human” 1:00 Dr. Chris Blevins: Live Horse Demo: “Equine Dental Maintenance & Issues” 2:00 J.T. Burnley: “How horses can help a child rise from crisis through healing and hope... JT’s journey and childhood experiences move him to an International Dressage rider.” Workshop Rooms 10:30 J.T. Burnley: “Healing, Hope, & Horses” 10:45 Sarah Track: “Horse Show Ringmanship for the Saddle Seat Rider” 11:30 Rhonda Martin: “Equine Bodywork and Saddle Fit Basics for the Horseman -Understanding Equine Brain, Pain, and Training” 11:45 Adrian Buckaroogirl: “Failure” 12:30 Jim Gray: “Trail’s End at the Smoky Hill River” 12:45 Erin Glassman BCHA-KS Pres. &Wendy Bowles of Kanopolis State Park: “Kansas Treasures: State Park Trails” 1:30 Michael Hook: “Old Town Abilene, 160 years in the Making” 1:45 John Staples: “How To Ride Forward Into Balance”

Ag Hall Arena 9:30 Opening Ceremonies: American Freedom Riders Drill Team 9:45 Ashley Purdin: “foundation for Bridle-less Riding” 10:45 Special Demos & Breeds: U.S. Cavalry, Rocky Mountains, Paso Finos 11:30 Rake Arena 11:45 Sarah Track: “Saddle Seat Horsemanship” 12:45 Jay Henson: “Cattle Class: Ranch Cutting &Working Ranch” 1:45 Casey Hufstader: “Mule Pack String” 2:45 Special Demos & Breeds: US. Cavalry, MO Fox Trotters, BLM Mustangs 3:30 American Freedom Riders Drill Team Freestyle Demo 4:00 Rake Arena 4:15 Laura Stimatze: “Cowdog Training” 6:15 Ranch Rodeo TeamMeeting Kenwood Hall Showcase 11:00 Dr. Katie Delph: Live Horse Demo: “upper airway disease, strangles, and the benefits of endoscopy” 1:00 Dendria McLaughlin & Julie Frank: Live Horse Demo: “equestrian Yoga for Horse & Human” 3:00 Dr. Katie Delph: Live Horse Demo: “stomach ulcers and the benefits of scoping your horse before treatment” 4:00 Purina Equine Nutrition 12:15 Battle of Breeds: Driving Competition 1:00 Mette Rosencrantz: “Warm Up Exercises” 2:00 Chris Cox: “Building Rider Confidence” 3:30 Rake Arena & Set Jumps 3:45 John Staples: “Cross Country: How to Influence the Horse” 4:45 Battle of Breeds: Jumping Competition 5:45 Bring in Cattle/Announcer Break 6:15 Draft TeamHitch Demo 6:30 Opening Ceremonies & Introductions 7:00 Liberty, Inc. TravAlum Ranch Rodeo Competition Workshop Rooms 9:30 Jay Henson: “Tack, Equipment &What Kind of Horse” 9:45 Caden Butler: “Estate Succession Planning” 10:30 Mette Rosencrantz: “Preparing Your Horse & Self for the Show Season” 10:45 Casey Hufstader: “Mule Packing” 11:30 Matt Jobe: “How to Get Involved in Mounted Shooting” 11:45 Erin Glassman: “Distance Equestrian Sports” 12:30 Jim Gray: “Trailin’ Longhorns on the Chisholm Trail” 12:45 Adrian Buckaroogirl: “Dear Cowgirl: Riding Through the Tough Stuff”

1:30 John Staples: “How To Influence The Horse” 1:45 Andrea Caponetto: “Selling Tack Online” 2:45 Sarah Track: “Saddle Seat Horsemanship” 3:30 Legendary Kansas Horsemen



Adam Ross Adam is a licensed auctioneer, professional announcer, licensed insurance and real estate agent, and manages a commercial hog operation. Adam started his career serving with the National Guard for 9 years, which includes two deployments. Adam is now a veteran serving his local community in Creston, Iowa. He is a rural Iowa native, growing up and living in central Iowa his entire life. Adam’s hobbies include cowboy mounted shooting, where he has become the first

ever Men’s Level 6 in the state of Iowa. Adam began cowboy mounted shooting in 2015 and at that time also began his announcing career. Adam has announced for hundreds of events all across the country as far west as Las Vegas and as far south as Texas. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and four children, being around people and the outdoors.

Brett Wellden Brett is a former rodeo contestant that competed in bull riding, team roping, and bareback bronc riding. After many years of competition, he was presented with an offer to announce several rodeos, an offer that changed his life. Over the last two decades, Brett has become one of the most entertaining announcers in the rodeo and equine event industry. Brett has worked everything from the smallest amateur rodeos, livestock and horse shows, to large scale PBRs. He has been selected several times as a finals announcer for multiple associations and has received awards for his skill behind the mic.

Brett is a former United States Marine with combat service which is reflected in his patriotic openings at events. He has also served 27 plus years as a law enforcement officer in the Oklahoma City Metro area, mainly working narcotics cases. Brett lives in Guthrie, Oklahoma, with his family. Brett has a strong faith in God and a profound love for this country and the heritage of the American cowboy. SamWestfall

Sam has been married to Anita for over 30 years with two sons, Brandon and Riley. He has worked in social services for 32 years. As a family they have raised and showed horses and recently started showing AKC German Shepherds in several states. Sam is the past president of Oklahoma Palomino Exhibitors Association and the Palomino Horse Breeders Amateur Association. This year, the Westfalls were fortunate to have two buckskins born on their property

which led them to showing with the Oklahoma Buckskin Horse Association. Sam has had the opportunity to announce shows for several Palomino Associations, Buckskin Associations, 4-H, Paint and Pinto Associations for over 20 years.




Chris Cox As one of this country’s leading horsemen and clinicians, Chris Cox has spent a lifetime learning from the greatest teacher of all, the horse. Raised on a cattle ranch in the wilds of Australia, Chris has had opportunities that most horsemen of this day and age will never experience. With only horses for transportation and a cattle ranch as his life, Chris learned at an early age how to appreciate the abilities and tradition of the great men and horses around him. With his practical, straightforward approach, Chris teaches horse people how to achieve results. Influenced in his early years by both the English and Western traditions, he has implemented a

proven style and technique that can be applied universally across all disciplines. Chris has traveled throughout the world doing demonstrations and clinics for 30 years and has earned a long list of awards. Chris Cox and his wife Barbara, daughter Charley, and son Case split their time between ranches in Mineral Wells, Texas, and Dubois, Wyoming, where he shares his passion of horses with others.

Chris will be in the PrairieLand Partners John Deere Arena at TPEC as follows: • Friday, March 6th at 10:30 a.m. presenting “Groundwork In Preparation for Riding” • Friday, March 6th at 2:30 p.m. presenting “Is it Me or My Horse?” • Saturday, March 7th at 10:30 a.m. presenting “Connecting the Reins, Feet & Seat” • Saturday, March 7th at 2:00 p.m. presenting “Building Rider Confidence” • Sunday, March 8th at 1:15 p.m. presenting “Controlling Head Tossing & Stiffness” When he is not in the arena, Chris can be found in the TPEC Lobby.



Mette Rosencrantz A highly respected and experienced FEI dressage trainer and competitor who has brought several horses and riders all the way up to International Grand Prix level. Mette started her career at a

very young age and has since then been very successful. Born in Sweden, Mette was for many years a member of the Swedish Dressage Team before moving to the U.S. and becoming a U.S. citizen. Mette has competed at many big international shows with victories both in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. In addition to her teaching degree, she has a Master’s degree in physical/sport education from Stockholm University. She was one of the first to observe the health and physique for riders with her book “Stretching for Riders.” Over the years Mette has also authored numerous articles in different Equestrian Magazines. Mette recently made a move to San Diego, California and runs a top-class facility focusing on her own riding, training, and teaching students on all levels. Mette is also a clinician and has taught lots of clinics throughout the U.S. as well as being the presenter of Expos in both U.S. and Canada. The key to Mette’s success is her strong passion and love for the horses, her dedication to the sport, and her hard work throughout the years. • Saturday, March 7th at 1:00 p.m. presenting “Warm Up Exercises” • Sunday, March 8th at 9:45 a.m. presenting “Lateral Movements” She will be in the Workshop Lecture room upstairs from the TPEC Lobby as follows: • Friday, March 6th at 10:30 a.m. presenting “The Importance of Cross Training for All Horses & Disciplines” • Saturday, March 7th at 10:30 a.m. presenting “Preparing Your Horse & Self for the Show Season” When Mette is not in the arena or workshop room, she can be found in Heritage Hall Booth H12. She will be in the PrairieLand Partners John Deere Arena at TPEC as follows: • Friday, March 6th at 12:30 p.m. presenting “Thinking Outside of the Box”




John Staples A native of Wichita, Kansas, John began riding at the age of seven, competing in hunter jumper shows and horse trials. He was a member of the Meadowlark Pony Club where he earned his B rating. John was named as an alternate to the 1988 United States Olympic Eventing Team and was long-listed for both the 1992 and 1996 teams.

Jay Henson Jay grew up the son of a working ranch cowboy. His family lived near Clovis, New Mexico, for most of his childhood. He shared his father’s love of the cowboy lifestyle and enjoyed training horses as well. As a senior in high school he told his dad of his plans to follow in his footsteps as a “cow puncher.” His dad then responded that he better be a horse trainer, because he wouldn’t be able to afford new saddles and fancy bits on a cowboy’s wage. In today’s age of specialization where trainers typically only train and compete in one event, Jay and his wife, Gena Willoughby, have •Saturday, March 7th at 1:30 p.m. presenting “How To Influence The Horse” •Sunday, March 8th at 1:45 p.m. presenting “How To Ride Forward Into Balance?” When John is not in the arena or workshop room, he can be found in Heritage Hall Booth H11. enjoyed helping participants in a variety of classes. That’s lucky for National Versatility Ranch Horse Association participants who often look to the Hensons for guidance. Jay and Gena have been serving as judges and clinicians for ranch horse competitions since before the NVRHA was a formal association. Booth is located at P29 in the 4-H/ Ponderosa Building. In 2011, he was named coach of the Costa Rica National Team. John teaches lessons at Windermere Stables in Wichita, and provides clinics around the U.S. When he is not teaching, he is designing and building cross country courses. He will be in the Prairie LandPartners John Deere Arena at TPEC as follows: •Friday, March 6th at 4:15 p.m. presenting “Gymnastics: Bringing Your Flatwork into Your Jumping” •Saturday, March 7th at 3:45 p.m. presenting “Cross Country: How to Influence the Horse” •Sunday, March 8th at 10:45 a.m. presenting “Stadium Jumping: How to Ride Forward Into Balance” He will be in the Workshop Lecture room upstairs from the TPEC Lobby as follows: •Friday, March 6th at 1:30 p.m. presenting “Bringing Your Flatwork Into Your Jumping”



Casey Hufstader Casey is a fifth generation packer from Oregon. Casey has successfully run a 16-mule pack string, a packing business, and a packing school for individuals looking to learn the art of packing. He is the owner and operator of CH Packstring, LLC, a packing business that provides custom back country packing experiences to individuals.

Casey is also an active member and advocate for Back Country Horseman of America, and volunteers countless hours to maintain trails and provide continued access for equestrian use of public lands. Casey utilizes his string of mules to pack in supplies and gear for the United States Forest Service. He is also a skilled mule trainer and clinician available for instructing clinics both privately and at his packing school. For more information on Casey and CH Packstring, please visit his website at www.chpackstring.com. Booth is located at P36 in the 4-H/Ponderosa Building. Laura Stimatze

Laura has been raising and training border collies, bred to work cattle, for many years. “I am hoping to share some of my training information with friends of the cow dog world,” Laura says. Laura and her husband, Joe, have raised and trained Australian Border Collie cow dogs together for about three decades. Since they were married, training cow dogs has been a large part of their lives. Laura’s father, Bob Buckman, raised and trained Border Collies, while Joe trained blue heelers. This, according to Joe, was a point of friendly competition from the beginning.

The utilization of cow dogs as integral parts of cattle operations has seen a boost in recent years. As ranch help is becoming more and more scarce, ranch and feed yard operators are finding the benefit of using cow dogs, which equates to one cow dog doing the work of two humans. While the number of cattle a cow dog can control varies in each situation, one dog, on average, can account for 75 head of cattle. “The cow dog is a tool, and we (the Stimatze family) train them and use them as a tool. They are smart and want to work hard, but you have to use them responsibly.” Booth is located at P38 in the 4-H/Ponderosa Building. Catch Jay Henson, Casey Hufstader, and Laura Stimatze in the Ag Hall Arena. See schedule for details, page 8-9




Sarah Track Sarah has taught at William Woods University since 2010. Over the past 10 years, Sarah has coached her William Woods students on the donated William Woods owned horses to many championships, reserve championships, and top ribbons at horse shows such as the UPHA American Royal National Championship, Lexington Junior League, St. Louis National Charity, and Midwest Charity Courses that Sarah currently teaches at William Woods include: Saddle Seat Applied Riding, Facility Management, Horse Management, Introduction to Equestrian Teaching and Learning and Theory of Teaching Techniques, and Long Lining and Driving. Booth is located at P37 in the 4-H/Ponderosa Building. Ashley Purdin Ashley teaches horses and people to be confident in their own skills on both recreational and competitive levels. A life-long student herself, Ashley continues to learn under prominent trainers. Ashley spent four years training under NRHA trainer Fred Berschauer and was the top rider for 2010 Parelli Fast Track. At Equus Curito in Louisburg, Kansas, Ashley currently starts colts and trains horses for ranch pleasure, cowboy racing, and trail riding. She specializes in teaching people how to

personally overcome their horsemanship problems and instill rider confidence to gain willing cooperation from their horses with easy to understand psychology and simple training principles. Along with training, lessons, and clinics, Ashley also competes in the UHCA and EXCA (cowboy racing clubs). Her list of personal accomplishments is long and here are a few titles:

• 2014 EXCA Kansas State Champion, Youth • 2015 EXCA World Champion Young Guns • 2015 EXCA World Finals Futurity Top 10 • 2016 EXCA Young Guns Reserve World Championship • 2017 EXCA Young Guns World Championship Booth is located at H75 in Heritage Hall. Catch Sarah Track and Ashley Purdin in the Ag Hall Arena. See schedule for details, page 8-9.



Ribbons Sponsored by Jenna Brumm

Special Thanks to Beardsley Products



Battle of the Breeds

Shelby Bluthardt & Abe After a successful post-track career Abe, an off-the-track Thoroughbred gelding, has overcome several freak-injuries and defied the odds. The fact is, Abe should not be able to be ridden at all - but he came back from all of it better than ever! In 2018, Abe sustained trauma to his rear end. He got his tail stuck in the hinge of a pipe fence and fractured his croup, all the way down his tail. Abe was rushed to Kansas State University where they did not know if he would survive 24 hours, he had so much trauma and nerve damage he could not defecate on his own. After inflammation and infection, Abe’s tail was rendered necrotic and removed, the first surgery of its kind. All in all, he spent over 30 nights, over ten visits, and endured over 40 skin grafts on his tail. Not only did Abe completely heal from his injury, he came back with a presence, attitude, and energy he never had before. Abe has NO TAIL not even one tail vertebrae and he is defying the odds. Shelby wanted to compete this year to show people not to give up and to not quit, just like Abe never quit. She also wants to show people it does not matter what Travis will be competing on a 4-year-old Mustang named Shaw, owned by Kim Dieker. After riding bulls for 20 years, Travis now owns and operates a horse breeding and training farm in Osawatomie, Kansas. He currently competes in UHCA, mounted shooting, and cow horse com- petitions. He loves training Mustangs, especially ones straight out of the wild. Travis says he loves getting a new mustang he can’t even touch and bonding with it and getting it to think. Travis says horses make him a better person. Travis and Shaw look forward to showing the audience how versatile Mustangs are. Marcelo Guzman & Lil’ Rockstar Originally from Chile, Marcelo is a fourth-generation professional horse trainer. After fulfilling his equestrian goals in South America in Rodeo Chileno (Chilean cowhorse) and in show jumping, he started specializing in reining. A lifelong passion of horses brought Marcelo and, his wife, Amparo, together. After both having been successful in equestrian disciplines in Chile, they set out with the goal to fulfill the dream to build an equestrian career in the USA. Today, the couple is based in Manhattan, Kansas, with Lil´ Rockstar, a pure bred Chilean stud imported from Chile. They are eager to be a part of Equus Curito Battle of the Breeds HMH SHOOT N THE MOON aka “Shooter” and Brittany are both Kansas born natives. Shooter is a 4-year-old smokey grullo Rocky Mountain Horse stallion bred and raised at Hopkins Mountain Horses in Kingman, Kansas. In late 2017, brothers Ryan and Justin Price from Utah fell in love with Shooter. A partnership between Hopkins Mountain Horses and Rocky Mountain Acres was born. Shooter moved to Utah to live the next year and a half learning to be a real mountain horse, and was started by Ryan Price. Shooter traveled back to Kansas in August 2019 with Brittany and attended his first show ever. Brittany says they are excited to compete in the Equus Curito Battle of the Breeds to show how versatile Rocky Mountain Horses are. Brittany’s goal is to illustrate how Rockies excel in everything they try, how attainable they are, and show how the beautiful and unique Rocky Mountain Horse stands out from the crowd. your horse looks like they can still do it all. Travis Calderwood & Shaw and showcase the Chilean horse to the world. Brittany Hopkins & Shooter

Marty Hunt & Daphene Daphene is an 18-year-old Hanovarian mare whose primary training has been dressage. Cross Training is at the center of her program for Daphene as Marty believes it adds enrichment to the mare’s life. Marty says trail riding and being able to live like a horse are very important to Daphene’s well-being, and learning new things is part of what keeps Daphene happy. Marty hopes showcasing Daphene’s unique abilities as a Warmblood in the Equus Curito Battle of the Breeds competition will be a wonderful experience for the audience. Shane Irvin & Paddy Shane is a multi-discipline trainer with many champion and reserve champion awards from UHCA and EXCA. Shane and his wife, Grace, own their own boarding and training facility in Drexel, Missouri. Paddy, a 16-year-old Selle Francais gelding, has competed in a variety competitions. He is currently owned by Bill and Sharon Lewis. Shane and Paddy wish to compete to demonstrate the versatility, scope, and range of the breed. Matt Lange & Color Me Maggie Matt is a horse trainer near Alta Vista, Kansas. Specializing in versatility ranch horse show events, tune ups, and colt starting, Matt has 20 plus years of experience in a variety of different equine breeds. Matt learned his skill from the Kansas AQHA Hall of Fame Trainer, Dean Smith of Council Grove, Kansas, for whom he worked for 10 years. Matt, his wife, and son actively participate and show in several associations including the Kansas Quarter Horse Association and the Kansas Buckskin Horse Association as well as being active board members, and the Morris County Youth Rodeo Association. Achievements of him, his family, and customers are many achievements too numerous to list here. Hanna Perry & Tiki Hanna will be riding a 15-year-old rescued AQHA mare named Tiki. Hanna has been riding horses since she can remember. Hanna owns a horse training and lesson business which she operates both out of her personal farm as well as Ivins Horse Rehab. Hanna believes her training program is simply “one big toolbox.” She started off her career with one set of tools, as she encounters new problems, she acquires new tools and improves her old tools. Hanna believes as a trainer and instructor, she should never stop learning, because no horse or student is the same. Hanna has been giving Tiki the quality care and training she deserves as she has rehabbed her over the winter. She is so excited to show everyone during Equus Curito Battle of the Breeds how far Tiki has come and that middle-aged rescues can flourish with the proper care and training. LisaWolters & Bucyrus Lisa is excited to be a part of Equus Curito Battle of the Breeds to showcase her 17-year-old Percheron, Bucyrus. She hopes to demonstrate the beauty and versatility of the breed. Lisa describes Bucyrus as her “heart horse.” He is willing to do whatever she asks of him. Lisa took time off from riding these last few years to get a degree in education and taught grades 7th through 12th last year. Lisa is looking forward to showcasing what someone outside of the equine industry can do with a horse while working around their job and family life.


TPECWorkshop Presenters

Adrian Brannan Adrian is a Billboard charting singer-songwriter who is equally at home in the branding pen, on stage, or a bucking horse. Her critically acclaimed fourth album “Desert Dwelling Mama” was released this winter to a massive response. Her cowboy music roots and outlaw-old school country feel seem to touch old timers and newcomers alike. Hailing from an off-the-grid cabin in the mountains, Adrian splits her time between touring, writing, performing, chopping wood, and taking care of her cows.

Andrea Caponetto Andrea has been selling tack since 2007. She runs an internet-based consignment shop and a custom saddlery. Andrea uses her communications and marketing education fromThe University of Kansas to expertly communicate with potential buyers. Come learn how to market your items like a professional during Andrea’s workshops. Erin Glassman Erin is a mother of two girls and an avid trail rider. She has competed when possible in endurance for 14 years and competitive trail for 15. She manages endurance rides at Kanopolis and Sand Hills State Parks. Her

distance career so far includes 2 Tevis Cup completions and nearly 2,000 competitive miles total between the two sports. She competes on Arabians and half-Arabians and co-owns a small breeding operation called Prairie Sylvania Arabians to produce distance horses where she trains horses alongside her boyfriend, Lucas Willhite. Erin became involved in trail advocacy around 2010 and has since been involved with being an advocate for horsemen to maintain access to our trail heritage. She is now stepping up to fill some big shoes in taking over the Kansas Trails Chair from JimThomas for the Kansas Horse Council, and after being involved with Back Country Horsemen of Kansas from its inception will continue to serve as a liaison between the two groups. See workshop schedule on page 8-9.



TPECWorkshop Presenters

Andy Hawkins, DVM Dr. Andy Hawkins grew up on a family farm and ranch operation in southeast Kansas. As a child, he was active in 4-H and FFA raising and showing livestock. After high school, Andy attended Kansas State University where he earned a B.S. in animal sciences and industry (2002) and then a D.V.M. (2006). Post-graduation, Dr. Hawkins completed an internship in equine surgery and medicine at Sheridan Equine in Sheridan, Wyoming. Following his internship, he continued to work for Sheridan Equine running its satellite office, Cody Equine, in Cody, Wyoming. This opportunity made it possible for him

to expand his knowledge and receive continued specialized training in equine medicine, referral lameness and surgery. In 2011 Dr. Hawkins returned home to Kansas and started his own equine exclusive practice. He later went on to pursue a career in regulatory medicine accepting a position with the USDA as an Export Veterinary Medical Officer. In July of 2017 he was appointed Assistant Animal Health Commissioner for the state of Kansas. Dr. Hawkins currently serves as president of the Kansas Veterinary Medical Association. He lives in Auburn, Kansas, with his wife and daughter. Rhonda Martin Rhonda’s passion and focus are about improving the

understanding of equine behavior, training, and the physical response to ridden work. A competitor in reining and western dressage led Rhonda to create a system for understanding and helping horses be their best, achieving numerous regional and world championships. Rhonda has worked for nearly 30 years developing her unique, horsemanship-based approach to equine bodywork, mobility, and training. She blends movement and bodywork strategies to program balance, transitions, strength, and relaxation in the horse.

Rhonda has worked with over 15,000 horses in her career helping trainers, riders, and competitors of all levels unlock the potential of their horses. Her clientele includes hundreds of horses of all disciplines who have achieved world, national, and regional championships. She has attended the AQHA World Show, the NFR major events as an exclusive therapist, consults for CSI Saddle Pads, and is part of Team CSI.


TPECWorkshop Presenters

Wendy Bowles Wendy is a conservation worker at Kanopolis State Park near Marquette, Kansas. She has worked at Kanopolis State Park for 29 years. Prior to employment with the state of Kansas, Wendy worked as a field biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in Denver, Colorado. She is a graduate of Colorado State University and has a B.S. in wildlife biology. When Wendy started at Kanopolis, there was 1.5 miles of mapped established trails. After working with Ellen Querner

and NARTC in 1992 for a competitive ride, Wendy requested to keep the trails that she and Ellen had laid out and open them for public use. These trails have been mowed and marked every year since 1992 giving Kanopolis more than 27 miles of trail open to equestrians. This was the beginning of the equestrian trails and campgrounds in Kansas State Parks. Wendy also serves as a naturalist in the park, presenting nature programs to participants each year. Jim Gray

Jim is a sixth generation Kansan raising cattle in central Kansas on a portion of the old Gray’s Ranch established in 1883. Jim published “The Kansas Cowboy” from 1996-2008 to promote and preserve the cowboy heritage of Kansas. His book, “Desperate Seed: Ellsworth Kansas on the Violent Frontier,” chronicles one of the West’s wildest towns. His weekly newspaper column, The Way West, has been in publication since 2010. In 2011, he drove cattle over 200 miles with a select “outfit” on the three week 150th Anniversary Cattle Drive from Caldwell to Ellsworth. Gray has been a speaker for Humanities Kansas since 2011 and continues to research and restore life to stories buried but not forgotten. Caden Butler Caden is a partner at Norton, Wasserman, Jones & Kelly and has been practicing law since 2010. He practices in the estate planning, elder law, real estate, business law, and transactional law areas. He received his bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University in 2006 and his law degree from the University of Kansas in 2009.

Email him at clb@nwjklaw.com. See workshop schedule on page 8-9.



TPECWorkshop Presenters

Sue Stringer Sue is the manager for the Kansas Byways and Kansas Agritourism programs with Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism. She has worked for the State of Kansas for 32 years, the last seven for KDWPT. She enjoys the opportunity to share Kansas with others, as well as traveling the state herself. Working with local farmers looking to diversify their operations through agritourism Michael Hook, President, Historic Abilene Inc. Joseph McCoy launched a campaign in 1867 to make Abilene, Kansas, the best-advertised small town in America. The City of the Plains was a quiet, whistle-stop town on the Union Pacific Eastern Division line, but would and with rural communities through the Kansas Byways program helps keep her in touch with rural Kansas traditions. Sue and her husband, Mike, enjoy working together on their farm as well as spend time outdoors or with their grandchildren. instantly be transformed into the Cowtown capital of the world. Today, Abilene recreates its place in history with reenactments, can-can dancers, gunfights, longhorns loading onto historic cattle cars, and much more. Old Abilene Town stands proud on the wrong side of the tracks next to the boyhood home of their presidential neighbor Dwight D. Eisenhower. Michael Hook will take you on a journey 160 years in the making. Matthew Jobe: Kansas

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Matthew owns and operates the C BAR J Ranch in Windsor, Missouri, with his wife Angie. A Missouri native and veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Matthew served five overseas tours and earned numerous awards and medals. Matthew has competed successfully in the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting and Extreme Cowboy

Racing and has earned several titles the last few years, He is a published author with the 2019 release of his first book, “The Horse, The Bible, The Cowboy”. Matt also co-produced, acted, and was the wrangler for the soon-to-be-released movie, “Lost Treasure of Jesse James.” Matt will be participating and coordinating the Kansas Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association’s competition at Equifest.


KenwoodWorkshop Presenters

J.T. Burnley J.T. is an FEI Dressage exhibitor and trainer who specializes in the classical approach to equine development. He prepares horses both mentally and physically for international competition by continually introducing a systematic and methodical set of challenges. Having three decades in the equine industry has equipped him with the survivor-ship necessary to withstand the toughest of economic climates. He is thought of as a passionate, lifelong

steward of dressage whose horses are cheerfully obedient and willingly devout to their rider. He maintains an inexhaustible amount of patience, iron clad ethics, and a palpable desire to develop his riders, his horses, and himself to meet goals.

Tucker A. Stewart Tucker is associate counsel at the Kansas Livestock

Association,where he uses his cattleman’s background and legal education to assist KLA members with legal questions and advocate for the livestock industry at the state capital. Born and raised in Kansas, Tucker grew up on a cow calf, seedstock, and diversified farming operation. Being directly involved with farming and ranching gives him a unique perspective in the practice of law. Dendria McLaughlin Dendria is an alternative therapy practitioner for both horses and humans. Her modalities include equine craniosacral, yoga for equestrians, acupressure, and photonic light therapy as well as in-person, and online classes in essential oils, crystals, and herbs. Visit her website at www.hathahorse.com. Julie Frank Julie is a certified equine massage therapist specializing in all disciplines, bringing the best out in your horse to “Rise and Shine.” Go like her Facebook page @RiseAndShineEquine. See workshop schedule on page 8-9.



KenwoodWorkshop Presenters Chris Blevins, DVM Dr. Chris Blevins received his master’s degree from Kansas State University in 2004. In 2006, he graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State. Following graduation, Dr. Blevins did a large animal/equine internship in Indiana at Janssen Veterinary Clinic and Purdue University Veterinary College. In 2007, he became an associate veterinarian at a mixed animal private practice in Savannah, Missouri Dr. Blevins joined the faculty at Kansas State University in 2009 and is currently an associate professor. His primary interest is in equine preventative care and management including equine dentistry. Katie Delph, DVM Dr. Katie Delph is a board-certified veterinarian specializing in equine internal medicine at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center. She is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. She attended Purdue University where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in animal science followed by her doctorate of veterinary medicine. Her research interests have included investigating the immunologic response following strangles vaccination as well as following clinical disease. Dr. Delph became a faculty member at the KSU College of Veterinary Medicine in 2016, and her clinical interests include treating infectious diseases, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and neurologic diseases, and neonatal foal medicine. Dylan Lutter Dr. Dylan Lutter is the lead clinician on the Equine Performance Medicine Service and focuses on horses with lameness or performance limiting injuries. His background and training in equine surgery, MRI, and physical therapy allow him to take multi- dimensional approach to treating equine patients. In addition to conventional therapies, Dr. Lutter offers cutting edge regenerative therapies to his patients. He will be pursuing animal chiropractic certification in 2020. All K-State Vet Med Presenters are located in booth K1 & K2


Kenwood Hall Showcase

Come hear from a Purina Equine Nutrition Representative and get your questions answered at this mini how-to clinic.

• Friday, March 6 th at 11:00 a.m. • Saturday, March 7 th at 4:00 p.m. • Sunday, March 8th at 11:00 a.m.

Dendria McLaughlin and Julie Frank co-present on: Equestrian Yoga for Horse & Human- a series of stretches for horse and rider.

Easy daily practice for both two and four legged. Pre and post-ride, competition, suppleness, flexibility, and relationship building.

• Friday, March 6 th at 3:00 p.m. • Saturday, March 7 th at 1:00 p.m. • Sunday, March 8 th at 12:00 p.m.

Tucker Stewart presenting Kansas Fence Laws &Ag Sales Taxes • Friday, March 6 th at 2:00 p.m.

Don’t miss the OldTime Photo Booth! Presented by OldTownAbilene at K 31 & 32

JT Burnley Presenting: “How horses can help a child rise from crisis through healing and hope… JT Burnley’s journey and childhood experiences move him to an International Dressage rider.” • Sunday, March 8 th at 2:00 p.m.

K-State Vet Med Presenters with Live Horse Demos Dr. Chris Blevins, DVM, presenting: • Saturday, March 8 th at 1:00 p.m. | “Equine Dental Maintenance & Issues” Dr. Katie Delph, DVM, presenting:

• Saturday, March 7th at 11:00 a.m. | “Upper airway disease, strangles, and the benefits of endoscopy” • Saturday, March 7th at 3:00 p.m. | “Stomach ulcers and the benefits of scoping your horse before treatment” Dr. Dylan Lutter, DVM, presenting: • Friday, March 6th at 1:00 p.m. | “Sports medicine and laser therapy benefits for your horse”



Kids Corral

Kids Corral in Kenwood Hall will feature one of a kind large scale rocking horses, roping dummies, and pony jumps plus interactive learning and coloring stations. A great place for the little ones to have their fun time at Equifest of Kansas! Managed by the Colby Community College Equestrian Team • Friday, March 6 th from 10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

• Saturday, March 7 th from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Managed by the K-State Rodeo Club • Sunday, March 8 th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

American Freedom Riders Drill Team Opening Ag Hall Arena, daily and in the Parade of Breeds Friday,

March 6 th at 5:15 in TPEC arena with all the horses! • Saturday, March 7 th at 3:30 p.m. | Speical Demo in Ag Hall Arena • Sunday, March 8 th at 1:30 p.m. | Special Demo in Ag Hall Arena.


Special Events

Come meet Adrian Buckaroogirl in her first visit ever to Equifest! Adrian Buckaroogirl is a female bronc rider and former contestant on The Voice. She’s salty, punchy, and will melt your heart! Find her daily in the 4-H building or at her workshop. Come hear her sing the National Anthem at the Ranch Rodeo and maybe surprise us with more!

Don’t miss the first ever Legendary Kansas Horsemen at Equifest Saturday ONLY, March 7 th at 3:30 p.m. Special Workshop presentation with Q & A time. Come meet some Hall of Famers, C.A. Cofer, Duane Walker, Denny Hassett, and the Million Dollar Reiner, Brent Wright! The panel will be moderated by Stan O’Neil, DVM.

Stan O’Neil, DVM | Panel Moderator Born in Winfield, Kansas, in 1937, Stan was raised on the family farm and was enamored with horses early on. Stan got his first riding horse in first grade and a Quarter Horse in eighth grade. In 1953 Stan received a Saddlebred mare as part of the state 4-H project which furnished a mare to a 4-H member who could keep a foal out of the mare, rebreed her, and then hand her on to another 4-H member. Stan raised a filly that he wwbroke and trained himself. Upon graduating from college, Stan taught junior high social studies in Meade, Kansas. Stan soon realized that teaching was not for him and applied to the KSU College of Veterinary Medicine. After his graduation in 1966, he worked in Salina, Kansas, setting up his own clinic there in 1979. He currently lives east of Salina near the clinic with his wife Ann and family. Stan was elected to the KQHA Board of Directors in 1970, served as KQHA president in 1975 and 1976.

He has served as president of the KQHA Education and Research Foundation since 1980. Stan was inducted into the KQHA Hall of Fame in 2006 for his outstanding dedication and service to the Quarter Horse industry.


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