Arable Budget 2018-2019


This budget is based on a fictional 420 hectare arable farm.

Current Farming Position

Farm Details and Cropping • The current farming system is based on 420 hectares of arable crop production. • These 420 hectares are used to grow a variety of arable crops; winter wheat, winter barley, winter oilseed rape, spring beans, combinable peas and sugar beet. • The cropping on the farm varies across the heavy and light land and two rotations are being used. • On the light land the following rotation is being adhered to where possible: - Winter wheat; sugar beet; winter barley; winter oilseed rape; winter wheat; combinable peas • On the heavy land the rotation is more traditional and adhered to where possible: - Winter wheat; winter oilseed rape; winter wheat; spring beans Employment and Business Structure • Brown’s Farm employs one full time member of staff with casual labour employed during the busy periods. The proprietor also provides labour when necessary. • Contractors are used for sugar beet harvesting and haulage and draining and ditching work where appropriate. • Brown’s Farm is currently a family partnership; the partners are husband and wife, Mr & Mrs Brown. • 160 hectares of land is currently rented on a Farm Business Tenancy, this is the heavy land on the holding. The remaining 260 hectares of land is owned.

Machinery • The business has a mature and developed machinery pool.

• The opening valuation of the machinery in the 2018 harvest budget totals £218,356 and there is a structured machinery replacement strategy in place. • All of the operation with the exception of sugar beet harvesting are conducted in hand.


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