R oo t Camp Ultimate Profits from Optimal Patient Care ... A "Nguyen Nguyen" Proposition

Non-surgical/conventional 30-minute Hypercalcified Molar Endodontic Treatment & Surgical 45-minute Laser-Assisted Apical Molar Surgery

1) "What it is, what it takes and how to be a “COMM-ENDO” …. The ROOT Elite! 2) Foundation and basic concepts of the Waterlase iPlus and EpicX 3) Practical diagnosis and effective treatment planning through smart scripting 4) Access openings of hypercalcified canals

5) Optimal use of the electronic apex locator - no use of working length radiographs 6) Cleaning and shaping of hypercalcified canals using a 3-file system in 10 minutes, while minimizing breakage – no hand file use 7) Laser-assisted cleaning and disinfection of the endodontic space 8) Warm gutta-percha obturation techniques for optimal 3-D fill, in 5 minutes 9) Introduction and basic concepts of apical surgery/crown lengthening surgery with the Waterlase iPlus 10) Applications of CBCT in endodontics ... planning the "Surgical Strike" ...

"Success is when preparation meets opportunity" 11) Applications of MTA or Mineral Trioxide Aggregate

Root Camp is Endo Like You Have Never Seen Before … Endo Like You Have Never Done Before

Simple ... putting real-life endodontics within the general dentist's hands Efficient ... 30-minute optimal molar endo and 45-minute optimal apical surgery Effective ... laser-assisted disinfection and laser-assisted pain control Clinically-relevant and practical ... how to optimize patient care while maximizing profits Results-oriented ... patient success, biologic success and business success Profitable ... understanding hourly worth and how to increase it

This Root Camp is highly recommended, even if you don’t work with Laser

Laser-Assisted RCT of C-shaped Molar

Laser-Assisted RCT showing obturation of lateral portals of exit

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