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2017-2018 Belmond-Klemme Community School NOTICE OF REGISTRATION

A Message from Superintendent Dan Frazier I am honored and excited to have this opportunity to be part of the Belmond-Klemme school system. I recognize the strong sense of community that is held throughout Rowan, Goodell, Klemme, and Belmond, and I understand the important role the school plays in the community. It is very apparent it is a great source of pride and pleasure. I was born in Guthrie Center, Iowa, the son of two teachers, and I grew up in Harlan, Iowa. I attended Morningside College in Sioux City. After graduation, I took my first job as an English teacher at Lewis Central in Council Bluffs and earned my masters degree in school administration from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I later crossed the river and taught several years in Millard Schools in suburban West Omaha. It was in Millard I first became a school administrator. I went on to earn my specialist degree at Drake University and my doctorate at the University of Nebraska. I have a number of years of service as a school superintendent in two states and on a U.S. Army base overseas. Most of my career is in Iowa, so I am most happy to return to my home state. My family and I join the Belmond- Klemme district having lived in some other places, so we appreciate the feelings of pride and community present here. My wife Deanna is a reservist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). She often reports to areas of national emergencies and assists with FEMA relief efforts. The Belmond-Klemme school board, staff, and community are to be congratulated on their decision to become a one-to-one school, providing a digital device to every student, 5 - 12. Our world is changing. If Iowa schools are to remain competitive on an international level, we need to offer a 21st Century curriculum, and we need to provide digital learning tools to fuel more powerful and purposeful instruction. Over the next few months, I will be working hard to get into the community, introduce myself, and learn about the people of the Belmond-Klemme school district. I welcome you sharing your thoughts, ideas, and concerns for how we can improve our school system. Many of the most successful schools enjoy a fully-engaged community, so I

Registration for all students PreK-12 will take place at the Jacobson Elementary Lunchroom Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 11:00 am-7:00 pm BELMOND-KLEMME COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT CLASSES BEGIN Wednesday, August 23rd Grades 7-12th have regular classes, and PreSchool-6th grade have a beginning school conference, August 23rd. Conference times are scheduled at registration! El distrito escolar Belmond-Klemme te invita a las INSCRIPCIONES para este nuevo ano escolar 2017-2018. ¿Cuándo? Martes 8 de Agosto. ¿Dónde? Cafetería de la Primaria Jacobson. ¿A qué hora? De 11am to 7pm. Habrá intérpretes disponiblesTe esperamos

Registration / Book Fees 2017 – 2018

3 yr. Pre-School monthly $100.00 4 yr. Pre-School (includes milk) annually $90.00 *(2nd year tuition $200.00 per month or can be in Kindergarten for 2 years) K-12th Grade annually $ 60.00 K-6 Grade Head phone fee $4.00

Athletic Passes (Home Games)

Meal Tickets Breakfast

Activities not covered by passes are any special sectional, district or state sponsored events. Passes can be purchased at registration or at the first home football game.


$1.50 $0.30 $2.00 $2.80 $2.90 $0.40 $3.55





K-12th Grade - $35.00 Adult Passes - $60.00

7th-12th Reduced




Graduation Fee $40 Driver Ed Fee $375



Lunch Entrée $1.25 Breakfast Entrée $0.75

High School Yearbook $40 Juinior high Yearbook $15

Afternoon Milk

K-3rd Full Year - $60 K-3rd 1/2 year - $30

FIRST GRADE 1 Package of pencils (sharpened) 2 Large boxes of Kleenex 2 Boxes of 24 crayons 2 Glue sticks 2 Sets of broad Crayola brand markers 4 plastic pocket folders (NO Trapper brand portfolios) 1 Spiral notebook – 70 page – wide lined 3 Dry erase markers 1 Large pink eraser Wet Wipes 1 package 1 Box of gallon Ziplock baggies **Clean tennis shoes to be left at school for P.E. **We will pool our supplies, so please do not label. SECOND GRADE 40 Pencils (sharpened) 4 Dry erase markers Scissors - One pair 2 Erasers 1 Ruler 1 Box of 24 Crayons 2 Large boxes of Kleenex 1 Set of watercolor markers (Classic Colors) (not fine line) 1 Pkg. colored pencils 1 Subject spiral notebooks (Wide Ruled) 2 Glue sticks (large) 2 Plastic pocket portfolios – 1 blue, and 1 other color of your choice **Clean tennis shoes to be left at school for P.E. ** Do not bring trapper keepers, tablets, notebook paper, or rulers. THIRD GRADE 2 Large boxes of Kleenex 20 Sharpened pencils, preferably Ticonderoga brand, no mechanical pencils 1 Bottle of Elmer’s glue 2 Glue sticks 1 Box of 24 crayons 1 Pkg. sharpened colored pencils 1 Set of 8 watercolor markers (Basic Colors) 2 Plastic folders - 1 blue, 1 red Scissors - one pair 1 Pkg. pencil topper erasers Medium pencil box 4 Dry erase markers (fine tip) 1 Box Ziplock bags of any size **Clean tennis shoes to be left at school for P.E. ** NO Trapper Keepers **Label all items with your child’s name

Note: 1 Daily Assignment Book will be provided for all 4th, 5th and 6th graders. Additional books will be available for $6.00.

KINDERGARTEN 2 Boxes of 24 Crayola brand crayons 1 Package of pencils 2 Boxes of washable BROAD markers (classic colors) 2 - 4 oz. Bottles of white ELMER’S glue 2 - 70 Page spiral notebooks - wide lined 2 Large boxes of Kleenex 1 Box of Ziplock bags (gallon) 2 - 2 Pocket folders (heavy duty) 1 - 4 Pack dry erase markers Bath towel for rest time Backpack **Please Label supplies **Clean tennis shoes to be left at school for P.E. Preschool supplies will be used for our centers; therefore the supplies do not need to be labeled with your child’s name. 3 YEAR OLD PRESCHOOL 1 Backpack/school bag labeled with Child’s name large enough to hold a (9" x 12") 1 Folder 2 pocket (Labeled with Child’s name) 1 Package wet wipes 1 Box of Kleenex 1 Box of 24 count of crayons 1 Package of 4 count Play-Doh Last Names A-G (Washable Watercolor Paint set of 8 colors) Last Names H-M (8 count Washable markers pip squeaks skinnies by Crayola) Last Names N-R (package of ANY foam variety back stickers) Last Names S-V (Shaving Cream) **Preschool supplies will be used for our centers, therefore the supplies do not need to be labeled with your child’s name. 4 YEAR OLD PRESCHOOL 1 Folder 1 Package Wet Wipes (Can be Re-Fill Pack) or antibacterial wipes 1 Box washable markers 1 Box of crayons 2 Dry erase markers 1 Backpack/school bag labeled with Child’s name (large enough to hold 8"x11" paper) 2 Bottles of glue 1 Box Ziplock bags of any size 1 Box of Kleenex **Any donations of craft supplies such as buttons, feathers, stickers, confetti, foam, etc. is much appreciated. 4 Glue sticks 2 Elmer’s glue

FOURTH GRADE 30 Sharpened pencils in a Ziplock bag 2 Rectangular erasers Scissors - one pair Ruler - metric and linear measurements Glue 24 Crayons 1 Set of watercolor markers 2 Large boxes of Kleenex 5 Spiral single subject notebooks of lined paper 2 Red pens 5 Plastic folders (different colors if possible) 1 - 2” Binder for math Protractor Colored pencils 4 Dry erase markers, assorted colors **Clean tennis shoes to be left at school for P.E. **No Trapper Keepers or mechanical pencils **No Pencil Sharpeners 1 Spiral notebook - single subject 3 Plastic folders w/holes punched (1 red) Pencil top erasers Trapper Keeper Scissors - 1 pair Colored pencils 2 Big glue sticks Pencil bag with holes punched in the side 2 Packages of pre-punched lined paper 8 Expo dry erase markers per semester Disinfectant wipes Headphones or earbuds **Please do not label supplies** **Clean tennis shoes to be left at school for P.E. A change of clothes and a towel is also needed for P.E. 1 Inch 3 ring binder Washable markers FIFTH GRADE 24 Pencils #2 (per semester) Crayons 10 Red correcting pens (per semester) 2 Large boxes of Kleenex

SIXTH GRADE Loose leaf paper (collegiate ruled) - 2 packages (150 sheet/pkg) 2 Mead composition notebooks 50 Ticonderoga pencils - sharpened 2 Red pens and 2 blue pens 1 Set of dry erase markers Set of colored pencils (sharpened) 2 Highlighters 1 Glue stick 1 Bottle Elmer’s glue Scissors - 1 pair 2 Large boxes of Kleenex 1 Pencil bag 6-2 Pocket folders 1 Box gallon Ziplock bags or disinfectant wipes 2 Black fine point Sharpie brand markers 1 Calculator - basic functions (scientific calculator not needed) 1 Inch three ring binder **Clean tennis shoes to be left at school for P.E. A change of clothes and a towel is also needed for P.E. ** NO Trapper Keepers

welcome your participation in our efforts. Superintendent

Dan Frazier dan.frazier@ 641.444.4300 ext. 2225

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