COS Summer Day Camps 2015

Summer Day Camps Join theFun this Summer! Registration starts April 20 – and is ongoing until programs fill up. Be sure to register early – as some of our popular camps fill up fast. We offer a variety of camps for all ages – at convenient locations throughout the city. See what’s offered in your town centre or across the city in our day camp schedules.

With all its day camp leaders trained in the HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Child Development, you’ll be choosing the best possible environment for your child to grow, develop and thrive through play.

HIGH FIVE® A quality standard for children’s sport and recreation. Founded by Parks and Recreation Ontario (®2007)

B e P repared for your D ay C amp A dventure !

Dress for the weather and for the fun. If you’ll be swimming, don’t forget your swimsuit and towel... if you’re going to be outside and it looks like a cloudy drizzly day, remember to pack your rain gear. Looks like it’s hot and sunny? Bring along your sunscreen and hat... and bug repellent will be handy if you’re in the bush and pesky bugs come around. Pack your lunch and bring your plastic water bottle (no glass please) so you can fuel up and have the energy to go, go go!

Medical Information Forms Please complete your child’s medical waiver and permission form and return all forms on the first day. Forms will be available at all camp locations. Please notify your camp supervisor if your child: • Has medical or physical conditions • Has extra support in school • Uses prescribed + non prescribed medication (must include note from doctor) (including an inhaler or EpiPen)

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