Rail Access atDFWAirport nowaReality

RepresentativesofDallas/FortWorth International Airport (DFW) andDallasAreaRapidTransit (DART) celebratedamajormilestone for theDallas/FortWorth metropolitanareawith the commencement ofDART light rail service toDFW International Airport on Aug. 18, 2014. The thirdbusiest airport in theworld isnow connected to the longest light rail system inNorthAmerica. DFWAirport now joins ahandful ofU.S. airportsoffering direct rail servicebetween the terminal areaand the city center. Althoughanewaddition to theairport landscape, thevisionof direct rail service from the city center to the airportwas aplanned component since the inceptionof theDallas/FortWorthRegional Airport Boardover 40 years ago. Thefinal five-mile segment ofDART’sOrange Line which includes thenewDFWAirport Stationat Terminal Awas completedaheadof scheduleandunder budget. “TheDARTStationat Terminal Awasoneof themore

Airport andquitepossibly theNorthTexas region,” saidDFWAirport’s VicePresident of AirportDevelopment andEngineeringPerfectoSolis. Thepassenger stationwasplanned, designedand constructedby DFWaspart of theTerminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP). Thenewpassenger stationat Terminal A serves as a front door toDFW and the stationarchitecture represents theDFWbrand. Theairport uses tensile fabric canopies for surface transportationelements andmost of the stationplatformandwalkways are coveredwith them toenhance the overall aestheticof the station.Oncepassengersdisembark fromaDART train, a shortwalkwill take them to thenewly renovatedTerminal A. Prior to the constructionof the rail station, thewalkway toTerminal A waspart of theguidewayof theoriginal AirtransAutomatedPeopleMover continuedonp2 In this issue... Rail Access atDFWAirport nowaReality

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challengingprojects at theAirport. Theexpertise Lea+Elliottbrought to themanagement of this projectwas key to theproject’s success, and thefinal product exemplifies the cooperationbetweenDFW andDART. This Stationwill undoubtedlybecome oneof themost recognized landmarks at the



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