Excel 2016 - Level 1

Welcome Thank you for joining us for this course, delivered by the Judicial College, Department of Technology Education (DTE). It is our goal to provide the highest- quality training in key technologies to support your continuing education and further the mission of the Maryland Judiciary. To ensure you get the most out of your learning experience, we use Logical Operations courseware, the gold standard in training material. This manual will be used in class and act as a reference tool with opportunities for further practice. Feel free to print the manual or save it to your local network to use as a guide after class. View the DTE Course Catalog for more information about all of our course offerings and register through CONNECT .

The Judicial College of Maryland continuing education trainings and instruction are based on the policies and practices at the time the trainings were developed. Classes are not intended to provide legal advice, nor to create contractual employer obligations with respect to the matters it covers. To make sure you are following the most up-to- date policies and practices, please check with the Judiciary Employee Handbook and relevant workplace policies and professional practice standards.

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