Core Standards: Proficiency Level: Novice-Mid (NM)

Interpretive/Receptive: I can recognize some familiar words and phrases when I see them signed.

Interpersonal: I can communicate on very familiar topics using a variety of words and phrases that I have practiced and memorized.

Presentational/Expressive: I can present information about myself and some other very familiar topics using a variety of words, phrases, and memorized expressions.

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Unit 1

Theme: Class Survival Skills

Self-Evaluation Vocabulary: ●

Unit Objectives:

Usable Vocabulary List

● I can sign and recognize the entire ASL alphabet ● I can use the correct parameters to sign and recognize numbers 1-20 ● I can give and understand simple descriptions of people’s appearance ● I can give and follow simple commands ● I can ask for clarification appropriately if I don’t understand something ● I can explain why it’s important to keep my voice off as much as possible while in class ● I can ask a WH question using the proper NMS. ● I can make a request for something I need using a Y/N question ● I can use a variety of greetings and phrases used in departing/ending a conversation ● I can ask/tell about hearing status & where I learned ASL ● I can tell someone how I am doing ● I can ask how someone is doing

Structure/Grammar: ●

Which hand to use

● Facial grammar for topic/comment/question ● WH Questions (What, Where, Who, Why) ● Yes/No Questions ● Cardinal number formation (palm orientation & movement) ● Commands ● Pronouns ● Parameters ● OSV - Difference between ASL and English

Culture: ●

Backchanneling - Listener feedback

● Explain why we have a voice-off environment ● Explain the importance of eye contact in the target culture


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