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Crisp, fresh & fun, KRIS Pinot Grigio is bold but clean and refreshing on the


orange blossom and honey.

30263321 $ 196



24" x 9.5"


5.16 gallons / 19.5 liters / 26 bottles



58 pounds

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APOLLONI VINEYARDS OREGON Located in the northernmost region of the Willamette Valley ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION KEG SIZE $ 216 Tropical fruit and hints of citrus and spice with notes of key lime and pear on the palate. A finish of mandarin and wet pebbles lingers. Crisp and refreshing. 30212224 2017 Pinot Noir Cuvee 19.5L $ 272 Delicate, ripe cherry fruit and cola, which linger on the palate. This wine is produced from our sustainably farmed, estate-grown fruit. BLACKBIRD VINEYARDS CALIFORNIA Terroir-driven wines since the premier release ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION KEG SIZE FRONTLINE PRICE 30187859 2014 Arise 19.5L $ 720 Offers a rich attack with sweet, plush tannins and notes of cherry, plum, and smoked duck in a long finish of coffee, plum, and blueberry. An ideal 2016 harvest season resulted in rich fruit of uncompromised character. 30100332 2012 Arriviste Rosé 20L $ 231.86 A winsome, salmon red-colored rose of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The wine displays enticing flavors of tart cherry and bright citrus on the mid-palate, carrying clean minerality and bright acidity on to the lingering finish. BRIDGE LANE NEW YORK The second label of Lieb Cellars ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION KEG SIZE FRONTLINE PRICE 30124505 NV Chardonnay 19.5L $ 200 This steel-fermented wine displays bright aromas of stone fruit and green apple. Any anti-oak palate will love the fresh finish, lingering minerality and subtle, earthy edge. 30149261 NV Red Blend 19.5L $ 200 This Bordeaux-style blend is medium-bodied, smooth and balanced with flavors of red fruits, black cherries and a hint of oaky spice. 30139690 NV Rosé 19.5L $ 200 Hip, hip, rosé! Cabernet Franc-based, you’ll find notes of guava & peach blossom followed by flavors of strawberry & watermelon. 30191536 NV Sauvignon Blanc 19.5L $ 200 This wine is bursting with flavors of citrus, grapefruit and freshly cut grass. 30139467 NV White Merlot 19.5L $ 200 Made from the red Merlot grape. The juice has no contact with the red skins, resulting in the wine’s light color. Bright grapefruit and lemongrass aromas accented by flavors of citrus and Fuji apple. FRONTLINE PRICE 30212225 2018 Pinot Gris Cuvee 19.5L

KRIS ITALY Grapes sourced from Italy’s most esteemed growing regions ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION KEG SIZE


30263321 2018 Pinot Grigio


$ 196

Brilliant lemon-green in color, KRIS offers enticing aromas of acacia flowers, citrus, tangerine, and hints of almonds.

MAISONRY CALIFORNIA Small lot, limited-production, richly textured. ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION



30145953 2014 Sauvignon Blanc Hudson Vnyd $ 300.30 This pale straw colored opens with a ripe yellow grapefruit bouquet with a hint of clementine peel. Light to medium bodied, slightly acidic and mouthwatering. 19.5L

MILLBROOK NEW YORK 30 acres of vines, located in Hudson Valley ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION



30248919 2018 All Day Hunt Country Rosé $ 180.30 A dry rosé with strawberry, cherry, & lemon flavors that lead to a clean, crisp finish. 30262772 2018 Chardonnay Local Juice 20L $ 207.30 Aromas of clementine, tangerine, custard and toasted almond highlight well- balanced fruit and acid levels. Honeycrisp apple and caramel linger on the finish. 30194136 2016 Riesling Dry Local Juice 20L $ 207 Cool fermentation and aging in stainless steel tanks were techniques utilized to preserve varietal character and freshness through the mid-palate and finish. 30212999 2018 Tocai Friulano Local Juice 20L $ 207 Aromas of gooseberry, Anjou pear and key lime merge on the palate along with citrus zest and meadow flowers. Rounded acidity with a supple, lingering finish. MT. BEAUTIFUL WINES NEW ZEALAND The vineyard rests under its namesake mountain which crowns the coastal range & protects the vineyards from ocean winds ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION KEG SIZE $ 255 Sophisticated floral fragrances of violets and blackberries, an elegant medium- weight palate that features ripe blackberry fruit, earthiness and subtle tannins. 30232514 2018 Sauvignon Blanc Sr Cuvee 19.5L $ 200 Aromas of lemon rind and green apple skins mingle with tomato leaf, wet stone & a matchstick flintiness. The palate is mouth filling, with acidity to keep it afloat. 20L FRONTLINE PRICE 30211368 2016 Pinot Noir Sr Cuvee 19.5L

NORTH BY NORTHWEST WASHINGTON From inland grapes of the Columbia River Basin in Oregon & Washington ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION KEG SIZE FRONTLINE PRICE 30207728 2015 Chardonnay Columbia Valley 19.5L $ 165 There is a lively dance of mandarin orange, nectarine, butterscotch and cashew that finish with long, generous length. 30207729 2015 Red Blend Columbia Valley 19.5L $ 250 Scents of black currant, dried clove, tobacco leaf and leather. The palate is robust with notes of cassis, chocolate, brewed coffee, vanilla and softened tannins. 30211866 2016 Riesling Horse Heaven Hills 19.5L $ 195 Aromas of peach, clove and orange peelwith a mid-palate that is fresh with tangy acidity. PALLADIO ITALY A beautiful companion to food ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION KEG SIZE FRONTLINE PRICE 30204859 NV Bianco 19.5L $ 156 Dances in your mouth, with refreshing acidity and an inviting nose of hints of apple and delicate floral notes. 30206496 NV Rosé 19.5L $ 104 Flowery aromatics, juicy melon, and luscious strawberry notes make this a charmer. 30210583 NV Rosso 19.5L $ 156 Elegant on the palate, with hints of dark cherry and red fruits, soft, supple tannins and a long finish. SEA PEARL NEW ZEALAND Classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION KEG SIZE / FRONTLINE CASE QTY PRICE 30267528 2019 Sauvignon Blanc 19.5L $ 212 2cs $ 204 3cs $ 198 Herbal notes, melon, and fresh guava. Light bodied and refreshing with flavors of passion fruit, gooseberry, and grapefruit leading to a long, lingering finish. SAVE MONEY ON HIGH QUALITY IN BULK QUANTITY!



30262600 2017 Cab Sauv Paso Robles The Insider $ 224 The name “The Insider” comes from the agreement Vinum had to sign in order to purchase the grapes from a well known winery producing world class wines. 30270501 2017 Petite Sirah Clarksburg 19.5L $ 198 Dark, inky purple, plum (almost black) color. The intense aromas express blueberry and huckleberry fruit notes. The finish is rich with dark chocolate, blackberry and creamy vanilla. 30210204 2017 Pinot Noir Monterey 19.5L $ 198 19.5L

The aromas of ripe black cherry with leather and earth notes. The wine finishes with an elegant silky texture. WOLFFER NEW YORK Visual and taste portrait of the Hampton’s high summer ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION KEG SIZE


30270808 2019 Summer in a Bottle


$ 312

This perfect summer wine is filled with ripe pear, fresh papaya and rose petal aromas. A lovely balance between the fresh fruit, fine tannins, good minerality and graceful acidity. Very savory with a long finish.

ZARDETTO ITALY A leader in sparkling wine for more than 40 years ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION



30149570 NV Private Cuvée Vino Frizzante $ 170.30 A blend of Glera, for long-lasting, expressive citrus notes; Chardonnay, for rich body and creamy texture; and Muscat, for fresh floral and grapey aromas. 20L


20 Liter Recyclable PolyKeg Weight: 47 lbs Composition: 70% Glera, 20% Chardonnay, 10% Moscato Dimensions: 14”w x 20 “h Pressure: 30 PSI D-Coupling Lid : Standard on U.S. Tap Systems “AMERICAN SANKEY”

Private Cuvée PolyKeg


Q: Will this work with my current Keg system? A: Zardetto Private Cuvee Kegs are fully compatible with D-line systems and tap systems that are already used to pour still or sparkling wine. In order to switch from a beer line to a sparkling line, the user needs simply to clean the line before installing the Zardetto Keg Q: What is the shelf life of Zardetto Private Cuvee Kegs? A: The product in the keg will stay fresh for 6 months if unopened. Once the Keg is opened, the product is at its best for 3-4 weeks if kept refrigerated and with a gas system. It can also last for about 8 hours using standard pump tap. PERFECT FOR PARTIES! Q: Are Zardetto Kegs re-usable? Do I need to return it? A: No, the kegs are not reusable and cannot be returned. Once empty the kegs can be disposed of in the plastic recycle bin, by previously releasing the gas inside using the key provided with the keg Q: Do I need to refrigerate the Keg? A: Not if your tap system already has a refrigeration mechanism (99% of the systems already have one). Otherwise, we recommend to refrigerate the keg before connecting it Q: Do I need to use a particular gas? A: The kegs work with most standard gas systems except those that specifically use Nitrogen. 100% CO2 with a regulator provides the best result and most flexibility for adjusting outflow. Q: Is this Prosecco DOC? A: No, Italian laws prohibit the keg format for the Prosecco DOC wine. However, Zardetto Private Cuvee is made with the same grape (Glera) used for Prosecco, blended with other grapes (Moscato, Chardonnay) and it’s a Quality Italian Sparkling Wine. DE-PRESSURISING EMPTY KEGS When the keg is empty and the tapping head has been disconnected, pressurized gas remains inside. It is important to release this

pressure recycling. PolyKeg® has developed a pressure-release key to provide to accounts. Simply insert the key into the valve as shown below for and depress carefully to slowly release the gas. For additional safety precautions and information, please visit the manufacturer website at polykeg.it


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