20 Liter Recyclable PolyKeg Weight: 47 lbs Composition: 70% Glera, 20% Chardonnay, 10% Moscato Dimensions: 14”w x 20 “h Pressure: 30 PSI D-Coupling Lid : Standard on U.S. Tap Systems “AMERICAN SANKEY”

Private Cuvée PolyKeg


Q: Will this work with my current Keg system? A: Zardetto Private Cuvee Kegs are fully compatible with D-line systems and tap systems that are already used to pour still or sparkling wine. In order to switch from a beer line to a sparkling line, the user needs simply to clean the line before installing the Zardetto Keg Q: What is the shelf life of Zardetto Private Cuvee Kegs? A: The product in the keg will stay fresh for 6 months if unopened. Once the Keg is opened, the product is at its best for 3-4 weeks if kept refrigerated and with a gas system. It can also last for about 8 hours using standard pump tap. PERFECT FOR PARTIES! Q: Are Zardetto Kegs re-usable? Do I need to return it? A: No, the kegs are not reusable and cannot be returned. Once empty the kegs can be disposed of in the plastic recycle bin, by previously releasing the gas inside using the key provided with the keg Q: Do I need to refrigerate the Keg? A: Not if your tap system already has a refrigeration mechanism (99% of the systems already have one). Otherwise, we recommend to refrigerate the keg before connecting it Q: Do I need to use a particular gas? A: The kegs work with most standard gas systems except those that specifically use Nitrogen. 100% CO2 with a regulator provides the best result and most flexibility for adjusting outflow. Q: Is this Prosecco DOC? A: No, Italian laws prohibit the keg format for the Prosecco DOC wine. However, Zardetto Private Cuvee is made with the same grape (Glera) used for Prosecco, blended with other grapes (Moscato, Chardonnay) and it’s a Quality Italian Sparkling Wine. DE-PRESSURISING EMPTY KEGS When the keg is empty and the tapping head has been disconnected, pressurized gas remains inside. It is important to release this

pressure recycling. PolyKeg® has developed a pressure-release key to provide to accounts. Simply insert the key into the valve as shown below for and depress carefully to slowly release the gas. For additional safety precautions and information, please visit the manufacturer website at polykeg.it

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