Whole Life Illustration - $1M 15 Year Funding

Guardian Life Insurance Illustration Narrative Summary Rachel Clopton, Female Age 38, Preferred Plus NT


Premium ** $12,000.00


Whole Life 99

Enhanced Accelerated Benefit Rider Waiver of Premium


Index Participation Feature (50% initial allocation)

Total First Year Premium


Dividend Option: Paid Up Additions (D)

Plan Overview:

The following is a general description of the proposed benefits. The complete terms and conditions are shown in the policy. • Whole Life Insurance Policy, Generic Form Number: 14-L99. • A permanent life insurance policy with cash value. Qualifies for annual dividends. • Level guaranteed death benefit for the insured's lifetime. • Level guaranteed premium payable to age 99.

Whole Life 99 (2016 Series):

Dividend Option: • Paid Up Additions (D)

• Dividends are used to purchase additional paid-up insurance (PUA's). PUA's purchased with dividends will increase the cash value and the death benefit.

Waiver of Premium:

• Waiver of Premium Rider, Generic Form Number: 01-R2. • Premiums will be waived while the insured is totally disabled, if the disability is continuous for at least six months. Premiums will be waived for as long as the disability continues. If the disability begins before age 60 and continues to age 65, all remaining policy premiums will be waived. However, if the disability begins between ages 60 and 65, premiums will be waived to the later of 2 years from the start of the disability, or age 65. The rider terminates at age 65 unless premiums are being waived. • The premium for this rider is payable for 27 years. • The definition of total disability under the rider is based on the insured's "own occupation" for the first 5 years of disability. • Provides coverage by advancing a portion of the death benefit for Chronic and Terminal Illnesses, if qualifying triggers are met. • Cost of rider is in the form of lien carrying charges. • A one time fee is deducted from the first accelerated benefit paid from the policy. • The Total Lien Limit for Chronic Illness is the cash value plus a percentage (based on the insured's age at the time of the first claim) of the difference between the death benefit and the cash value. • The Total Lien Limit for Terminal Illness is the cash value plus 80% of the difference between the death benefit and the cash value. • This policy may be encumbered by a collateral assignment. If such an assignment exists at the time the Enhanced ABR is exercised, both the assignor and assignee must sign the request to accelerate the death benefit. A check will be issued jointly to both parties; alternatively, written notification may be submitted with payment instructions which is signed by both the assignee and the assignor giving the payment instructions.

Enhanced EABR: • Accelerated Benefit Rider, Generic Form Number: 01-R111 (2001 CSO).

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