Darwin Perennials 2016.URC Catalog

Mike Klopmeyer General Manager, Darwin Perennials

Bigger and better than ever A grower’s work is never done, but I hope you can take some time to get acquainted with the new Darwin Perennials catalog. I guarantee it’s time well spent! When you see this icon, you’ll know it’s a Darwin Perennials exclusive. You’ll see all the latest right alongside your favorites. We like to call them Perennials With Staying Power™ for their longevity in the marketplace and in the garden. I’m sure you’ll appreciate their SELLING power, too. Supply is just as important as genetics. Darwin Colombia, our newest farm to support your business, promises a reliable supply of high-quality unrooted cuttings. And if you’re looking for something other than unrooted cuttings, see page 115 for a list of well-known perennial young plant suppliers who are licensed to carry Darwin Perennials genetics. As always, our specialized customer service team stands behind every order you place, meeting the demands of the perennial industry with unmatched excellence! Thank you for your trust in Darwin Perennials – have a great growing season!

Mike Klopmeyer, General Manager 630 588-3107, mklopmeyer@darwinperennials.com

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