Extranet External Sharing Guide


Client Matter Sites/ Extranets Migration Protocol - To be completed after practice, admin, committee, etc. sites have been migrated. (See Exception)

1. Dashboard. SP 2010 Client Matter Dashboards. These will be the auto created pages for ALL client matters in the financial system. It is the equivalent replacement of the 2007 auto generated sites now. 2. Evaluation. We will evaluate the sites that have a client matter site that is customized or an extranet. We will evaluate the usage within the past 24 months. If no usage, we will notify the responsible and client attorneys we will archive the old sites and only have the above referenced dashboard. 3. Merge & Creation. We will merge client matter sites and extranets together into one external client collection if the sites are still active. We will no longer generate an customized client matter site on the intranet. We will only generate client collection extranets moving forward. The extranets will link to the auto generated dashboards mentioned above.

Exception. There is an exception to this time frame. If someone approaches us and wants to update an extranet or wants to migrate now, then we would work that into our current priorities.

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