Associate Magazine FBINAA Q2-2023

throughout the officer’s career is critical for retention, particularly with the newer generation of officers. This presentation will allow for a discussion about culture change, how to focus on psychological health from the pre employment evaluation phase to developing wellness programming, and how to appropriately use the psycho logical fitness for duty process to enhance psychological wellbeing and increase retention. Dr. Heather McElroy is a Board Certified Police and Public Safety Psychologist with over 15 years of experience working exclusively with public safety agencies conducting psychological pre-employment screening, fitness for duty evalua tions, critical incident debriefing, hostage negotiation, and wellness training. She has been POST certified as a Peace Officer since 2011, and she served as chair of the International Association of Chiefs Of Police Psychological Services Section and currently serves on the Ethics Committee of the IACP. Her course instruction experience includes training for the IACP, NIAIA, GIAIA, state chiefs of police organizations in SC, CO, GA, and SC, and the FBINAA Georgia, South Caro lina, and Mississippi Chapters. She has also published articles in Police Chief magazine related to psychological fitness for duty and co-authored a book chapter titled, Social Climate Change and the Modern Police Department: Millennials, Marijuana, and Mass Media. Body Worn Cameras: Tactics for Effective Use Dr. Heather McElroy , Toms River Police Department (NJ) (Retired); J. Harris Academy of Police Training; FBINA Graduate Session 265 1.5 hours education credit This program is designed to assist officers at all levels of the organization with moving beyond the technical considerations of this new tool and understanding the key aspects of utilizing BWC technology in their agency’s operation. The program reviews the history of this technology in our profession, the impact it has had on officers, understanding the importance of capturing full and complete video, reviews the controversy of writing reports before/after video review, the importance of narration, and more. The J. Harris Academy of Police Training (led by Deputy Chief Jim Harris ) is an organization with a mission to provide quality training and instruction to law enforcement officers and leaders for the advancement and evolution of our profession. Jim holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Monmouth University and is a Rutgers University Certified Public Manager. In addition, he is a graduate of the FBI National Academy (Session 265). Jim retired as the Deputy Chief of the Toms River Police Department in 2019. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to take part in a variety of different assignments including patrol, traffic safety, professional standards, internal affairs, accreditation, undercover narcotics, and more. As a supervisor and manager, he was tasked with the supervision of these units and rose to the command level within his organization in charge of over 150 employees of the agency’s 400 member staff. For several years, Jim Harris has traveled around the country presenting promotional exam instruction, conducting specialty in-service training programs, and providing law enforcement in-service programming that has prepared of ficers and organizational personnel for the challenges that face them in the future. The Belmar Shooting: A Cross-Jurisdictional Crime Spree and Lessons in Officer Resiliency Commander Randy McNitt , Lakewood Police Department (CO); FBINA Graduate Session 280 Police Agent Ashley Ferris , Lakewood Police Department (CO) 1.5 hours education credit On December 27, 2021, a suspect murdered three citizens and shot a fourth in Denver Colorado at multiple loca tions, ultimately exchanging gunfire with Denver PD officers. The suspect then continued to the neighboring city of Lakewood Colorado where he murdered a fourth citizen. The suspect then drove to the Belmar area of Lakewood where he was pulled over by Lakewood Police Agents. The suspect exchanged gunfire with the police and ran on foot into the shopping area. He continued to a hotel where he murdered a clerk, and then proceeded down the street where he was confronted by Lakewood Police Agent Ashley Ferris. The suspect shot Agent Ferris. Seriously wounded and on the ground, Agent Ferris continued fighting and shot and killed the suspect, ending his murderous rampage. The session will be co-presented by Commander McNitt, the Investigations Commander on scene in the Belmar area, and Agent Ferris, who will provide her first-hand account of her experiences that night and after.


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