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Tim Braniff


T his will be my final correspondence in the Associate as your FBINAA National President and before the upcoming National Annual Training Conference in Denver. I want to ex press my sincere appreciation to many of you for your thoughts, feedback, insights, support, graciousness, and hospitality over the past year during my chapter visits, and during the recent Chapter Leadership Summit (CLS). Our “Life Member” and “Legacy” initiative came to fruition. It was a great opportunity to recognize those who built our Association over the years, with more milestones to come. This past year has not gone without its challenges as the member ship renewals made great progress through the end of 2022 but a slower than expected membership renewal rate year-to-date. Please encourage your chapter members to continue their in volvement with our Association. I still have hope as we continue to move forward throughout the remainder of the year with our “ROAR” Campaign. Having an opportunity to bring chapter leaders together in our first-ever Virtual Engagement Meetings (VEM) was not only a great milestone for our Association, but a great segue to come together at CLS to be face-to-face, and see and hear firsthand about ideas and ways to garner membership support through out the world. As we closed out our CLS this past March, we identified even more commonalities, and ways to collectively capture our chapter-to-chapter support and efforts to forge new ideas, inno vative thoughts, and aligning our chapter goals with each other. Now we need to put those ideas and initiatives into tangible actions and results. It was also another opportunity to see those behind the scenes, dedicating their efforts to make everyone successful. Our dedicated FBINAA National Office Team provided us with another great summit, being engaged to make sure we had a return on our investment of time and information to serve our chapters. I cannot thank them enough for the versatility, resourcefulness, and their effort making things better for some whom they have never met, or even worked with. As Cindy Reed , our National Historian, finishes her four year term this summer, I want to personally recognize her for her work and long years of dedication to our Association. I appreciate the work she is doing to rebuild and strengthen our historical archive files and to categorize, log, and track the important historical aspects of our Association. As Ken Truver transitions off our National Board, I owe him a debt of gratitude for helping me, not only throughout my tenure on the board, but more for his help and friendship over this past year. Thank you, Ken! As I turn over the reins to another

good friend, Scott Rhoad , I have every bit of confidence that he will provide the necessary leadership and guidance to moving the needle north. As I have seen over the past 40 years of public service, change is inevitable. As we start the search process for a new Executive Director, I want to thank Executive Director Howard Cook for leading our Association over these past five years. You have built strength and stability in our Association and opened doors for greater opportunities as we intensify our footprint in training and education for law enforcement leaders. I wish you all the best! Finally, I am proud of our Association and the work that was done by so many to make it better than when we started 10 months ago. I will leave you with this quote from Coach John Wooden, “As long as you try your best, you are never a failure. That is unless you blame others.” I believe we tried our best, and we will continue to become better as time moves forward.

God Bless you, and be safe,

Tim Braniff FBINAA President FBINA 226

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