IntArc 32 Supplimental 1

Interior Architecture 32 Supplemental Information Presentation of a past project from Model Building 62

The following pages will show you what this class did using found objects to inspire their designs. All 24 project could not be included but here are some of them. This was a design project based on a “found object.” Where students wandered about the campus looking for anything that caught their eye. These items ranged from soda cans, popsicle sticks, a leaf, a piece of broken plastic, a rock, etc… These items were used as inspiration for the creation of a piece of furniture. To be more precise—a furniture system for an office space. Some students used their objects strictly as a catalyst to begin the creative process. Some students used their objects literally and created designs that mimicked what they found. Some students used their objects as textures and patterns in their designs.

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