CJHP JCPH Volume 70 No. 1

CJHP JCPH Vol. 70, No. 1 January–February 2017 Pages 1–92 The Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy Le Journal canadien de la pharmacie hospitalière Pages 1–92 Vol. 70, n o 1 janvier–février 2017

In this issue / Dans ce numéro : n Point Counterpoint: Pharmacy Managers Maintaining Clinical Practice n Stability of Sodium Phosphate Solutions n RSV Infection Rates with Limited Use of Palivizumab n Pharmacy Educational Program for Medication- Related Laboratory Monitoring n Flu Vaccination for Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Events n Use of Basel Consensus Statements to Assess, Realign, and Monitor Pharmacy Practice: Part 2 of an Illustrative Case Study n Stability of Tacrolimus n Award and PPC Poster Abstracts

Whirlpool Point Kootney Plains, Alberta

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