AECI Eco-Schools Water Education Project Report 2020

The COVID-19 Response Strategy

provided them with learning support materials such as posters and guidelines . To commemorate arbour week, the schools requested additional garden resources and fruit trees. We procured and delivered the resources on our last visit to the schools. We weren’t able to collect large impact data due to minimal interaction with teachers and learners during our last two visits. We did however conduct short interviews with the Eco-committee coordinators, and they expressed changed behaviour and knowledge amongst learners in terms of environmental practices on schools. The five schools were guided on portfolio compilation and submission which they are working on towards their bronze certificate. They will be awarded during the next award ceremony in March 2021. Schools were also encouraged to continue their environmental projects and to register independently for the Eco-Schools programme. This will allow them to continue growing and developing sustainable environmental projects.

External organisations were not allowed on schools even after they reopened. This was because schools needed to quickly catch up with time lost teaching curriculum. It was also to reduce the risk of infections. It is then that we developed the COVID-19 Response Strategy to respond to the Department of Education’s three top priority areas. The strategy was endorsed by DBE and funders. Schools were closed for an extended period from 18 March to 1 June and again from 27 June to 24 August 2020, with a staggered approach for returning to the classroom. We officially implemented the strategy on 14 September in Gauteng Province. Resources that were delivered for COVID-19 readiness are masks, sanitizer, handwash, infrared thermometers, hand sanitizer stand and a hands- free hygiene system . This first visit was delivery only. Due to restrictions we were not allowed to engage with a big group of learners. We however managed to do demonstrations with teachers and RESOURCES DELIVERED

The hands-free hygiene system, hand soap, hand sanitiser, masks and infrared thermometer.

AECI Hammanskraal 2020 17

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