AECI Eco-Schools Water Education Project Report 2020

Focus area deliverables since COVID-19 pandemic

Planned outcomes and activities

Progress to date

Actual performance

• Developed a student-centered approach to social distancing. • Delivered a COVID-19 awareness programme at five schools. • Resources delivered include masks, sanitizer, handwash, infrared thermometers, hand sanitizer stand and a hands-free hygiene system. • Demonstrations with teachers and learners. Learners taught how to manage their own personal hygiene routines. • Developed a management plan for healthy classrooms and toilets. • Assisted schools to develop a waterwise school management plan. • Established drinking water points throughout the schools. • Provided water saving handwashing facilities.

The activity was successfully achieved.

Covid-19 readiness

• Assisted educators with developing lesson plans and lesson presentation. • Developed activities linked to formative and summative assessments. • Assisted learners to develop/enhance their self- study skills and emotional intelligence. • Promoted Social Emotional Learning as the heartbeat of the classroom. • Used project-based learning to focus on quality education in the form of skills, knowledge and values education.

The activity was successfully achieved.

Curriculum support

• Each school is supported to establish and maintaining a sustainable food garden. • Learners are empowered and equipped with skills to grow food at their homes promoting food security.

The activity was successfully achieved.

Food security


AECI Hammanskraal 2020

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