AECI Eco-Schools Water Education Project Report 2020

Project successes over the year

Equipment supplied to

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 their water and health schools to assist with the water conservation and sanitation projects. Environmental action projects are initiated and underway. Schools have started a network of support, using WhatsApp as a medium of communication. Itireleng Primary school, who was part of Eco-schools programme previously, is serving as a twinning school and provides support to the other four schools. The gardens have already produced harvest for the nutrition programme. All schools are actively engaging with project staff. COVID-19 resources and PPE are currently lacking in schools. Our delivery greatly assisted where there are gaps. Teachers appreciated the learning support resources; it will assist them with teaching curriculum efficiently. All schools received project equipment for and wellbeing action projects.


The strongest impact from the AECI Eco-Schools Water Education Project was importance of water sustainability education coupled with quality water provision technologies, particularly in this water- stressed region . This impacted significantly on the health and well being of vulnerable learners. Anecdotal evidence suggest there was a decrease in water borne illnesses such as diarrhea and other gastrointestinal- related issues. Learners showed an increase in understanding of the relationship between water and food, and water as the foundation of all life forms . This was demonstrated in their actions in and out of the classroom.

Phalesane also showed off their hand washing stations that was donated to the school.

Learner demonstration at Itireleng Primary School. testing the hands-free water hygiene system. Principal and teachers at Lethamanga High school


AECI Hammanskraal 2020

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