AECI Eco-Schools Water Education Project Report 2020

WESSA Schools Programme

We are the sole and proud implementor of the four WESSA International School Programmes (Eco-Schools and Eco Campus, LEAF, and YRE), together with a variety of other programmes which include Entrepreneurship Education, Early Childhood Development and Sustainable Schools in Rural Communities. These programmes we implement on behalf of government and the private sector, and they make a critical contribution to youth development in South Africa . Funding and support by AECI has enabled us to truly embody People Caring for The Earth and further our quest to become champions of the environment and achieving a more sustainable South Africa for all.


The philosophy of the WESSA Schools programme has always been informed and underpinned by the understanding of the environment as a multi-dimensional concept as depicted by the diagram below. Within the WESSA AECI Water education project we used the same approach.


Mobilising public/private participation in addressing socio-economic issues – mitigating impacts on ecological infrastructure and human life

Align projects to relevant local and global agendas



Support teaching and learning in schools and communities through action learning

Empowering Youth and developing skills to become enviropreneurs in sustaining livelihoods


Web of life

AECI Hammanskraal 2020 5

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