AECI Eco-Schools Water Education Project Report 2020

Focus area deliverables in the last 12 months

Planned activities

3 Improve capacity of educators and learners to implement sustainable water practices at school to respond to water challenges related to climate change and other factors.

4 M&E strategies achieved.

Support 5 schools in Hammanskraal, Gauteng, to become well- functioning Eco-Schools. 1 2 Instil deeper understanding of existing local and global water challenges.


Improved knowledge of

Learners’ increased learning and deepened knowledge and understanding of the local environment.

Educators and learners apply environmental education at school

Action projects are monitored to ensure the success and longer-term sustainability of their projects.

local and global water challenges and practical actions towards a sustainable water future.

through their environmental action projects.

Activities achieved

Installation workshop.

M&E data collected and shared with school and funder.

Initiated sustainable water and climate change action projects to raise awareness through education programmes. Launched a sanitation, hygiene and health and wellbeing focused initiative in response to COVID-19 Pandemic.

Conceptualised and developed a contextual water management plan for 5 schools.

Project implementation support visits.

One Educator training and capacity building workshop facilitated and situated in education for sustainable development in the curriculum. Assisted educators to find better methods to teach environmental related content in the classroom.

AECI Hammanskraal 2020 9

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