Trafika Europe 12 - French Bon-Bons

Camille Laurens

blown a fuse, if you like, or blown a gasket, tripped a switch, and whee ! I’ve spun out of control, I’m effectively dead and it ’s your job to resuscitate me, to rewire my circuits, get the machine working again and basically reinstate me. That is what you do, isn’t it?— reinstate people. You want the deceased to function again. Which reminds me, there’s something I wanted to tell you: you summoned me this mor— What is it? You don’t like “summoned”? Okay. You invited me here this morning, it ’s eleven o’clock, I’m telling you that for future reference, if there is to be any future reference, I’m not really a morning person, not very operational, I can’t get up, I’m knocked out by the Valium from the previous evening, and not yet soothed by the daily Xanax, and anyway quite often (this is a secret, don’t tell anyone), quite often I don’t take it, I’d rather be anxious than oblivious, if you’re unhappy it ’s better to know you are, wouldn’t you say? In the early days it had nothing to do with Chris— with Christophe— because I’m guessing it ’s Christophe you want me to talk about? The corpus delicti or rather the corpus so absolutely delectable he broke my heart. Or would you prefer me to talk about my childhood, my parents, my family— the whole shebang? It wasn’t Chris I was trying to get to at all, at first. I didn’t know him, I wasn’t interested in him. I asked


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