Trafika Europe 12 - French Bon-Bons

Two Stories

And I had a great attachment with deep feelings in my heart… I only heard her singing when she was swallowing her flower ’s hair. In the same soil, gillyflowers were the same colours…She was mixing the play cards in a way I never could. She was rolling the tobacco with her hands warmed in sun. She was lighting another cigarette after the last one. When the electricity was cut off, in an orange air mixed with the lit candle mist; she was telling bogie fairy tales which has gods sharing humans’ defects. Her eyes filled with lightening. Gods under the thin veil clouds and gods on the horrible rivers... was glamorising my heart. I continue to walk behind her as if I was in a dream. From her skirt ’s vent, I pick following her, her legs could be seen. She was wearing shoes with white buckles, when she walked in the lighted bazaar. Perfect, peanut ice cream was my two-penny vanity, which I ate these days. Even though she never eats sugary foods, my mother tells me she was patient about sugar (diabetic). Berdeşan who lowers the jam when he dips the spoon, was also patient about sugar, as his mother. I don’t know why each of them was eating disguisedly; but at least I could catch Berdeşan. I was skinny. I was dizzy. I was easily tired in these days. Whenever I put my head to her knee, I sleep like silk. Her skirt vents smelt of greyness. My dreams


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