Trafika Europe 12 - French Bon-Bons

Marat Baskin

night is long, but no one can shut their eyes and sleep. Rochl has been telling everyone, “Tomorrow they’ll take us to Palestine. Comrade Stalin signed a special agreement with the Germans.” And everyone looks at her with hope, as though she is Moshiach. Poor thing, she went crazy yesterday when politzei took away her granddaughter. Oh, Gotynyu, what’s going on?! So here’s what I think: if they ask me now--what do you want, Shloyme, to get out of here alive or to know that your children will live through this and will be alive at the end, I would choose the latter. How I wonder what will happen to them! Where are Fievel and Ichinka and Lazarka and Levale and Haim? And where’s my Etta? Take care of them all, Gotunyu! I ask you to keep them safe, and yet I know that you are already taking care of them all, without my reminders. Gotynyu, forgive me for bothering you so often. I know that you have it harder than any of us. We’re all your children-- good ones and evil ones. I beg you, don’t regret that you have created man on earth and have no sorrow in your heart. The Good walks side by side with the Evil. This is how it’s always been, and how it always will be. Abel is not responsible for Cain.


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