Trafika Europe 12 - French Bon-Bons

A Souvenir from New York

“Take it, grandpa,” I said. “Thank you, zunale,” grandfather said, hugging the bronze Statue Liberty. - As they used to write in the papers, it is easier to die with Liberty!” “Don’t die, grandpa,” I said. “Grandson,” grandfather sighed, “If the Jews didn’t die, tthere wouldn’t be enough room in Palestine for them all. So said our rabbi.” “Don’t die!” I screamed and woke up. Peggy was shaking me by my shoulder, trying to wake me up. “I’m sorry, Doctor, but you were screaming so terribly, I heard you in the hallway and ran in. What happened?” “I had an amazing dream!” I said. “I saw my grandfather who died during the war. I talked to him as if he was real. And I gave him the Statue of Liberty that always stood on my desk.” I looked at my desk: the figurine wasn’t there! I turned to Peggy: “Where is it?” “Calm down,” said Peggy. “You were like a sleepwalker after the surgery. Probably you put it somewhere and just can’t remember where. Happens to me all the time.”


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