Trafika Europe 12 - French Bon-Bons

A Souvenir from New York

a small bronze Statue of Liberty. She handed it to me, saying: “This is from Olya’s grandfather! It’s our family mascot.” For some reason I shivered yet did not express any emotion. “A gift from grandfather Kuzya,” I managed a smile. “Olya talked to me a lot about him.” ‘She’s his favorite. Kuzma Egorych adores her! If he weren’t so old, he would have come here with me. But he’s ninety. This statuette is like a mascot for him. It brings luck! And I tell you, this is real. When we were writing that letter to you, Kuzma Egorych put this statuette on the letter and kept it there all night long. And as you can see, it helped. And now he is giving it to you, so it can help you cure Olya!” Trembling, I took the statuette from her hands, and when I moved my finger along its base, I felt three notches which I made a long time ago: one for father, one for mother, and one for me. She was still talking. And I said something too. Then I went back to my office and put the statuette back on my desk. I looked at it for a long time. I did not even notice when Peggy entered. When she saw the statuette, she said: “Well! I told you that it’ll turn up. There are no miracles.


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