Trafika Europe 12 - French Bon-Bons

KING GORDOGAN (play excerpt) By Radovan Ivšicć Translated by Carla Stockton

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ACT I, Scene 4

LUNA: Whew.  They’re gone. I got off pretty easy, and the wine really was excellent.  Oh no!! Here come Gordogan and his henchmen.  Oh, no, too late to bolt. I’ll hide behind the tree. More ((R12)) Sound: scampering, branches, etc., rustling. QUIET SOUND ((R13)), which consists of: a. ((R8 again, louder)) TRUMPETS b. then fade up ((R1 again)) Gordogan’s theme. Sound of marching boots (goose stepping boots) ever clos- er. They stop. SOUND ((R13 again))


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