Trafika Europe 12 - French Bon-Bons

Radovan Ivšićc

Scene 5

GORDOGAN, OFFICER EAR CUTTER, OFFICER EYE GOUGER, LUNA GORDOGAN: We have been on the march all day, and what do we have to show for it? What taxes have we collected? A single gold coin. One perforated, dented coin, sealed in a cof- fer with a stack of papers. My royal personage became so furious that I lost myself. That’s as much as we have collected in taxes today. I swear to you, the first person I come across from this moment on, I will strangle him. No. I’ll suffocate him. Cut his throat. And I won’t have to wait long. See? Someone’s over there, hiding himself behind that tree. Get to work! ROYAL EAR CLIPPER: Er, your Majesty, Sir . . . . GORDOGAN: What do you want? ROYAL EAR CLIPPER: He’s somebody who can pay taxes.  Shouldn’t he pay taxes first? GORDOGAN: Good thinking.  Let him pay.  I’ll strangle him later.  Bring him here.  I’ll show him how awesome, how horrible I am,


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