Delores Ele



DeloresEle is a freelancewriter, journalist, photographer andartist. Herworkhas appeared in print and online publications. She has also been an editor and desktop publisher. She lived in Alton, Illinois, USA since she was born. While in her infancy, Delores was diagnosed with Failure to Thrive, and the doctor told her parents that without treatment, Delores would die before her first birthday. They got the treatment but the cause was unknown so she had a lifetime of strange and mysterious ailments afterward. Looking back, she says it was probably due to the hypothyroid disorder for which she is currently being treated, and had received treatment for around the time she entered her teens. In her sixties, she had definitely fooled her doctor (and herself) about not surviving until her first year. Her medical experience has certainly left her with a unique view on life. Horse Bones: The Adventures of Daisy and Maisy is Delores’ first published novel, and is loosely based on the adventures she and her sister had while growing up in Alton.

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