Delores Ele



T he year 1960 was the most significant in eight-year-old Daisy’s life. First, a sled accident involving her sister; then she and her sister getting their ducks for Easter only to have them taken away in the worst way imaginable, for which Daisy blamed herself. The flare up of a number of ailments didn’t help. The scary discovery of bones in the woods where Daisy and her older sister, Maisy, played— meeting Alice Kraig the old woman who was the neighborhoodWitch. The troubling dream about a flying saucer which glowed red. And Daisy awakening to see a glowing red object outside Maisy’s window that Daisy took to be the moon.

All these interspersed with fun, interesting, and sometimes troubling adventures and misadventures with her older sister Maisy, Daisy’s best friend, almost constant companion and guardian. But trouble seemed to form on the horizon due to Daisy’s growing ailments and Alice Kraig’s growing interest in the two girls, particularly Daisy. Who is Alice Kraig? Is she really a witch? Or is she just a kindly old woman concerned with the well-being of two little girls? Is she a fairy godmother? A guardian spirit? Or is Alice Kraig something else altogether? And what does she have in mind for eight-year-old Daisy?


PAPER Clips | ISSUE NO. 45

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