T&J Waffles Lunch Menu

T & J Waffles BEWARE! Some addiction may occur!

We do Catering, too! Please email us at tandjwaffles@gmail.com or call us at (443) 498-8886 with your orders! We accept all major credit cards.

We are pleased to be able to offer a line of products that are unique to the United States, as these waffles are normal occurrences in European family settings like fairs and other memorable events. Traditionally, when one thinks of waffles, they automatically think of a sweet dish. At T & J Waffles, not only do we have a great selection of sweet (Liege) waffles to tantalize your taste buds, but we also carry a variety of savory waffles (think chicken & waffles gourmet style) to satisfy your appetite at breakfast, lunch, dinnertime or also as a snack.

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