Reece 59-83


Equipment described in this manual has been carefully designed

and manufactured to our high quality standards. Special attention

has been devoted to convenience of operation while simultaneously

providing effective hazard protection for operating personnel.

Any piece of machinery can become dangerous to personnel when

improperly operated or poorly maintained. Our service personnel

are highly skilled and competent in operation and maintenance of

our equipment which is installed under their supervision. A major

portion of installation supervision time is devoted to instruction

and training of your personnel in the operation and maintenance of

this equipment. It is incumbent upon you that all personnel who

will be expected to operate or maintain this equipment be required

to participate in these training and instruction sessions.

Our Service Department is highly skilled in the operation and

maintenance of our equipment. It is recommended that you call on

their services on a regular and preferably periodic basis to insure

proper maintenance of your equipment, and competent training of your


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