CONSULEGIS Int. ILA Specialist Group Newsletter Autumn 2015

CONSULEGIS is an international network of professional independent law firms and in -house lawyers. The network comprises over 1,700 lawyers across more than 45 countries and 150 cit ies around the world.

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The CONSULEGIS International Litigation and Arbitration Specialist Group (ILASG) focuses on cross -border and domestic litigation and arbitration in more than 45 countries in which CONSULEGIS has member law firms. This includes knowing more than 30 different litigation practice areas of CONSULEGIS firms.

Informative presentations, articles, past newsletter and other resources may be found at the ILASG website at -litigation-arbitration/.

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Contact the ILASG if you would like more information or as sistance finding experienced litigation/arbitration counsel. We also help parties avoid and settle disputes.

For more information or assistance you may contact the Co -Chairs of the ILASG: Jeffery Daar (Los Angeles) Peter Kaye (Manchester)

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