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Adrian Craddock, executive accounts manager.

Bjorn van Reenen, sales representative.

TV TEASE Mr Hearty wants to watch four TV programmes, all on between 7pm and 9pm. One of the programmes lasts an hour, another lasts 40 minutes and the other two each last half an hour. Without knowing the exact times of any of the programmes, what is the least number of minutes of the programmes, in total, that Mr Hearty will have to miss? He doesn't own a video recorder


Uncle Jack knew that the number of hairs on a hu- man head is at most about 200 000 while the total population of the world is more than 5 000 000 000. Therefore, on average, you can expect about 25 000 other people to have the same number of hairs on their heads as on yours. The chance that no-one has the same number is so small as to be insignificant, which is why Uncle jack was smiling to himself, even though he had never counted the hairs on Gary's head.

JUNE FEATURES • Tools of the trade • Energy measurement and supply • Lighting Buyers’ guide • Energy measurement and supply Deadlines • Advertising booking: 29 April 2016 • Editorial: 3 May 2016 • Advertising material: 9 May 2016

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