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W hen it comes to choosing a secondary school many parents might begin by referring to league tables and Ofsted reports. But as well as academic achievements, senior school is also the setting where your child will learn the skills and lessons that will pave their way into adulthood. Many schools are now recognising the benefits of enterprise or entrepreneurial learning which helps pupils to develop the skills of resourcefulness, independent thinking, resilience, ambition and positivity. Experts agreed that it is easier for young people to develop these skills in Secondary School or even younger in primary school than it is for them to be learnt and developed at university or later. Taking an enterprise approach to learning could include setting pupils a brief and budget and tasking them to use their initiative to create new products or offer services in order to make a profit. For example youngsters at one New Forest primary school were recently set the challenge of raising money for Oakhaven Hospice by making and selling their own products. Starting with a £10 float per class, the children made friendship

bracelets, tie dyed clothes and even made their own sweets in a battle to raise the most money. Some secondary schools host regular enterprise days where pupils are taken off timetable to design and make products which they then sell to other students or the wider community. If your child shows an aptitude for certain subjects, it is a good idea to look for a school with good standards in those areas. Many senior schools now specialise in areas such as maths, sciences, business or modern languages. So if your child is particularly interested in a certain subject - a school with a good track record of teaching this could be a good starting point. Does the school offer a range of outside activities and extra circular opportunities for students to participate in?

Many senior schools run programmes and activities that can help develop independent thinking and life skills. A good example of this is the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme which is run as additional activity in many schools, and requires students to learn a new skill and complete a minimum period of part time voluntary work (over three or six months in their local communities). In order to achieve the qualification (bronze, silver or gold) the young person must also take part in a group challenge that involves hiking, route planning and camping - helping to develop teamwork, independence and thinking skills. Whether your child is interested in photography, astronomy or hip hop dancing - it is worth checking whether there clubs and extra circular activities that can help expand these interests. It is also worthwhile to investigate how well a school is integrated in its local community. Are pupil’s encouraged to organise charity events or undertake volunteer work to the benefit of local organisations and charities, does it have close links with local businesses that are engaged in mentoring or other work experience opportunities.

Senior School planning for the future - an entrepreneurial approach to learning?

Open Day Fri 4th October

able to lead their learning, work at their own pace, discuss sce- narios and solutions with their peers and teachers and harness the power of new technologies. They can plan then draw their designs, plot them digitally us- ing CAD, then create a 3d ver- sion in the virtual world in order to effectively examine, test and redesign as necessary. Expert teaching staff will draw out the scientific, technical engineer- ing, mathematical and artistic elements of the task and then evaluate the skills and attributes that were needed to complete the challenge successfully.

Other projects planned through- out the school from Y1-9 include, building roman trebuchets, making gunpowder, redesigning steam en- gines and launching an invasion! These all encompass skills and knowledge from across the curricu- lum including subjects, as diverse as Latin, Music and Chemistry. Pupils from across all ages will have access to age appropriate teaching on Ar- chitecture, Scientific Literacy, Spatial Awareness, Earth Science, Material Science and Geo-politics. Talbot Heath is wholly committed and ready to continue delivering a first class education for the future. Elizabeth Pugh Junior School Head

Talbot Heath “The role of the teacher is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge” S ince our foundation in 1886, our commitment is to provide a first class education and to prepare

Our interdisciplinary lessons are stimulating, engaging, challenging and meaningful. Emphasis is not only on content, but also impor- tantly on how the learning is tak- ing place. Pupils will be taught the skills and awareness necessary to best facilitate their own learning. Pupils will appreciate that crea- tivity, imagination, cooperation, communication, determination are crucial when finding solutions, and that these attributes are what make us different and unique from the capabilities of A.I. and robots. An example of this is the pro- ject about Goldilocks, delivered to Reception. Pupils consider not only the story and ethics sur- rounding Goldilocks, but are then challenged to design and build an unbreakable chair. They will be

6th Form Open Eve Tues 8th October

our pupils to be contributing, valued members of society and the communities of their future. We are thrilled and very excit- ed to be launching, from the age of three, S.T.E.A.M. and design thinking lessons for all our pupils. Instead of teaching each subject in isolation, we are delivering a new curriculum that will encourage and assist pupils to draw on their knowledge from across all disci- plines. The focus will be less on a uniform outcome, but to concen- trate on the learning, discovery and skills involved in the process of solving problems or examining relevant issues.


Our new curriculum for the future is taught from age 3, the key content areas will be DESIGNTHINKING Modelling, Engineering, Architecture, Urban Design, Sustainability, Product Design ETHICS Links to AI, Philosophy, Sustainability, Technological Advances DIGITAL DESIGN Coding, Robotics, Animation, Electronics, Film-making MATERIAL SCIENCE Key skills within all subjects will include critiquing work, problem solving and project management.

Looking ahead and setting our goals high.

No.1 in Dorset for A level results

Talbot Heath Independent School for Girls aged 3 -18

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S outh Baddesley CE Primary school is a unique and vibrant learningcommunity; bursting with energy and passion for education. We would love to share our school with you! We aim to be different and we aim to offer more…. Our school is set just a few minutes outside of Lymington town centre in the beautiful and historic grounds of Pylewell Estate. At South Baddesley, tradition, Christian and moral values meet contemporary culture and forward-looking thinking. We are a small school with six small classes. Thismeans that each child receives excellent individual attention from our specialist team of teachers, support staff, sports coaches and pastoral workers. Knowing each child well means that an SBS education is a bespoke learning journey. We offer an abundance of before and after school clubs as well as childcare, so your child can be with us for breakfast at 7.30am and stay to tea at 5pm. Meaning that there are hours of exceptional learning and play available to your child every day. Core to our daily work is our aim to make the most of every moment and every opportunity – never setting a limit on our dreams and ambitions. We expect and enable pupils to work hard and learn to cherish the rewards of persevering. We do not know what great careers lie ahead for our children but we do know that firm foundations will prepare our children for the opportunities and challenges of future life. Our excellent academic record of accomplishment means that children leave us as confident and resilient learners ready for the next steps on their journey. An SBS education is inspiring,

challenging and individual; we do not want children to strive to be someone else, we want children to be who they are and release their own great skills and potential. We make the most of our natural world both on-site and afar. Behind the small brick wall of an old Victorian building lie our outstanding facilities that provide opportunities for children to excel in all areas of the curriculum, including in the sciences, technology, the arts and sports. SBS possesses contrasting learning spaces including our original Victorian classroom, a modern eco building, purpose built hall and expansive outdoor space for children to explore. We have animals for children to care for, play equipment for them to be brave and daring on, a woodland space for study and campfires, a meadow to roam in and a pond to contemplate by. Strong partnerships within our community also mean that there are opportunities for much, much more: at SBS children will swim, sail, camp, create art, play, sing and listen to live music. We firmly believe in opening our children’s minds to the riches of learning and our world both locally and beyond. This approach helps our children to be outward looking, empathetic and humble – always persevering and taking on a challenge. Joining the South Baddesley community means making a choice to want something different for your child and wanting more than a blueprint for education. Come and meet us and be part of something very special. Open Morning Wednesday 13th November A short presentation at 10.30am will be followed by tours of the school. Alternatively visit us on Wednesday 20th November at 6.30pm for a short presentation and tour of the school. If you cannot make either of these dates, please contact the school to book an alternative appointment.

South Baddesley CE Primary School OPEN DAY 2019 Please join us for our annual open day on:

Wednesday 13 th November 10.30am – 11.45am

Or Wednesday 20 th November 6.30pm-7.30pm

Tours of the school will be available after a short presentation in the hall.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

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