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Supply Chain Management Programme

Apply Cranfield expertise to boost the effectiveness of your supply chain.

Cranfield is recognised by Gartners SCM World* as the number one business school in Europe for the development of supply chain executive talent. Previously attended by companies such as John Lewis, Lego, TetraPak and many other world leading examples of supply chain excellence, our flagship Supply Chain Management Programme will help you apply breakthrough innovations to your operations. The programme provides a unique opportunity to take a step back from the day-to-day demands and reflect on your supply chain performance. Delivering the latest thinking to help you innovate your supply chain, the programme enables you to develop your supply chain leadership skills and strategic capability.

What your organisation will gain: • Improved supply chain performance to deliver value to your business. • Better understanding of the elements vital for effective supply chain management. • Immediate business impact through the creation of an action plan that leverages your supply chain for competitive advantage. • Supply chain efficiency leading to improved financial performance. • The capability to deliver an innovative supply chain culture. • Improved ability to articulate the business vision to your external supply chain partners.

What you will gain from this programme:

Who is the programme for?

Key outcomes include:

• Drive organisational growth. • Deliver on sustainability goals critical to increasing business value and profitability. • Effectively manage risk and address demand volatility. Our role is to enable you to apply our expertise based on industry-tested practice to better manage the performance of your supply chain. Continuing Professional Development

No. in Europe for supply chain management SCM World, Gartner 1 Cranfield School of Management is

• Senior management with direct supply chain responsibility. • Executives seeking supply chain integration. • Sectors of special relevance include: -- Distribution. -- Logistics. -- Manufacturing. -- Engineering. -- Retail. -- Energy.

• Cranfield’s state of the art research and management tools provide an opportunity to solve your most intractable supply chain problems. • Strategic understanding to boost collaboration across your supply chain. • Alignment of supply chain strategies to business strategy. • Improved knowledge in supply chain strategy planning and execution. • Exposure to peer group input, challenges and support.

*SCM World, Gartner Community (

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