GPE Program 2017

Thanks to these Host Families & Host Companies

We appreciate the time, energy, support, and resources invested and provided by the host families and companies serving during the Global Partnership Event.

Host Families

Rick and Nancy Furr, Dan and Ann Berenato, Steve and Tamra Oliver, James and Elizabeth Lanter, Doug and Sue Juanarena, Kevin and Michele Sullivan, Jeff and Lesa Wynn, Steve and Barbara Skinner, Patricia Miller, William and Susan Baker, Richard and Laurie Shepherd, Bob Gibson, Lyn Day, Dan and Lorraine Hodge, Bob and Sandra Jackson, Robert and Beth Parker, Denis and Julia Fallon, Martin and Patsy Jansons, Joseph and Priscilla Baker, Reed and Gina Kennedy, Joseph Scarpaci and Gilda Machin-Scarpaci, Joe Ivers and Connie Cummings, Steve and Rosemary Cole, Franklyn and Bonnie Moreno, Tom and Maureen Patton, Chris and AK Bartlett, and Latanya Walker.

Host Companies



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