Essential Management Brochure


Provides new and experienced managers in growing businesses with the toolkit of skills needed to become commercially-focussed, confident members of the senior team.

Here at Cranfield we are passionate about helping senior managers and their teams realise the potential in their businesses. Leaders of small to medium-sized enterprises are increasingly driven to work more effectively ON the business and less IN the business.

As a result there is more pressure on senior teams to deliver business goals and targets; to drive day to day performance professionally. Many managers are already overstretched, and require training and development to manage time, people, money and processes more effectively.

We have been so pleased with the effect this programme has had on all the attendees, they have all returned highly motivated and full of energy. The feedback from the franchisees that attended in January has been excellent and it has transformed the way in which they see their businesses and broadened their outlook. LUKE WREN Director of Franchises & Operations, Leightons Opticians

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