CONSULEGIS IP Newsletter Autumn 2015

For the first time readers and those, who are not aware of the IP, Entertainment and IP Specialist Group and/or CONSULEGIS, by way of a general introduction:

The CONSULEGIS network has over 1,900 lawyers spread across more than 45 countries in more than 150 cities. CONSULEGIS members specializing in intellectual property, entertainment law and information technology each provide professional services in their own specific country, and can collectively provide a unique, international team approach to issues involving multiple countries. Comprehensive services range from litigation to contract negotiations as well as protection of intellectual property rights and strategic planning. You can follow CONSULEGIS on the CONSULEGIS website or

Lemum distantia via Facebook at

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Please feel free to contact us – Denis Schultheis, Gareth Jenkins or Susan Schlesinger - to receive further information on CONSULEGIS, our Specialist Group, or how to obtain specialized assistance from any of our members.

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