IIW welded art exhibition, 2021


The desire to learn and her curiosity to discover new things have led Lola to the world of creativity, imagining shapes or colours where they are not, creating what does not exist and bringing it back to life. The materials which she uses are mostly recycled; irons, steels, wood, stone, glass, paints, various metals, etc., which come from scrapyards, old left overs and waste. Anything apparently useless can become useful

to the soul. One just has to watch and listen. They speak for themselves and take their own place in the right position. The satisfaction obtained is so big that you wish to transmit it, to let everyone benefit from this craft. Lola has applied it by teaching painting and artistic crafts classes, as an instructor and facilitator, in civic centers to motivate housewives, as well as in residences for retired people and the elderly. She has soon seen positive developments on a personal and mental level. Both individual and group therapy, give emotional stability and great satisfaction. A different vision of the world and life is created in fantasy and imagination, where there is no room for pessimism. Lola wouldn’t know, nor couldn’t, live without art.

Contact info E-mail: lolacorrales@gmail.com • Facebook: lolacorrales • Instagram: lcoag

Exhibit “LA SAGRADA FAMILIA” Lola has the honour of living very close to Barcelona and when she saw the "Temple of the Sagrada Familia" for the first time, she was impressed and had admiration for such a beautiful monument. It was designed by the architect Antonio Gaudí in 1882 and, to this day, it is still under construction. The work Lola presents, is entitled LA SAGRADA FAMILIA, and is not finished yet (great works never end), and there is always room for improvement. She humbly wanted to have something in her house that would remind her of La Sagrada Familia and could show it to people who have not been able to see it yet. She has used iron and steel materials, sheets of varying thicknesses and shapes, construction rods, screws, washers ..., all recycled material. The most commonly used techniques are electric arc welding, machining, and assembly. Dimensions 92 cm high x 42 cm wide


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