IIW welded art exhibition, 2021


Thomas Huisman is a young Australian welder from Brisbane. Thomas began his welding at the age of eight in early 2019, when he saw his dad welding. He wanted to have a go. He has the natural ability and passion for welding and shows a great eye for detail. He makes everything from scrap metal that he finds. His creations and ideas are formed from the time of year, season or upcoming events. Being only 10 years old gives a few extra challenges whilst welding such as not being able to fit some protective gear/gloves but Thomas still has the creativity, enthusiasm and ability to produce exceptional work.

Contact info E-mail: Tomsweldingprojects@gmail.com • Facebook: Toms.welding.projects • Instagram: Toms.welding.projects

Exhibit “LITTLE RIPPER” Thomas’s creations come from the love of his friends and family. His creation was designed for his dad who is in the earthmoving business and has driven track loaders for most of his life. Tom has collected all of his parts from visiting motorbike and engine reconditioning stores and getting old chains, sprockets, bearings etc from the local businesses. Thomas has always been around track loaders and dozers so his knowledge for them is well known. From there, parts are cleaned degreased, buffed and polished ready to be placed and welded. He has used a combination of Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, a sheet guillotine to cut the roof of the machine, pan brake to fold the roof in position and a plasma cutter to cut and shape rippers. At this point, the dozer is all welded and ready to be polished with air tools, bench linisher and dremels rotating tool. This creative masterpiece has been made with love and careful craftsmanship. His creations inspire other young enthusiasts to follow their dreams and talents. Dimensions 41 cm long x 24 cm high x 23 cm wide


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