IIW welded art exhibition, 2021


Nidhish Gopinath is from Kottayam District of Kerala, a southern state of India. After completing his high school studies, he graduated with a degree in Fine Arts, specialising in sculpture (2014-2018). During his studies, he had the opportunity to develop the art through welding to make sculptures. He was inspired by the work of American Sculptor David Smith and devoted his work towards Femme Welding Sculptures. Presently, he is a Freelancer with his major amount of work involving arc welding. He has participated with his creations in three state exhibitions and also participated in the IIW International Congress (IC2020) in Mumbai in February 2020 and in the IIW Online Annual Assembly (AA2020) in July 2020.

Contact info E-mail: nidhishpgopinath@gmail.com • Mobile: +91 9656257734

Exhibit “THE SUICIDE DREAMER” The sculpture is related to some black magic, through which death also can be controlled. Suicide is a tragic death for everyone in any civilized society. A person gets suicidal when he/she loses their hope in life or when their dream gets shattered. Further, initiation of black magic in anyone’s life destroys the person financially, career wise, health wise, creates bad luck and dreams causing broken relationships in marriage or separation. When this black magic effect takes place, it is able to use the person’s energy and force to create a suicidal dream by controlling their mind completely. This black magic still exists in some tribal societies, and influences the people in those societies. This sculpture is based on how the impact of black magic can create a suicidal tendency in a person in their dream. The exhibit is one metre high made of scrap metal and took five days to make. Dimensions 1m high and lifesize


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